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Swipe your personal Nautilus Card. (Card swipe is on right end on machine, over the bypass tray)

location of card swipeImage Modified

You will then see the screen below.

Welcome screen on copierImage Modified

Step 2

Touch “Access Device”


Select an account for your job to be charged.

list of accountsImage Modified

Step 3

You will then see the Copy options screen. Make your selections that pertain to your job. Most devices offer a stapling option, if desired.

When ready to copy, touch the B/W or Color button in the bottom right corner of the screen. (You will only have a B/W button if you are not using a color device.)

start buttons, for both color and BW copiesImage Modified

Step 4

Your job will be copied. The job will be delivered to the tray on the left side of the device.


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