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Here you will find instructions on how to drop courses. Students

If you are

not allowed

unable to drop

/withdraw from ALL of their courses online. Students wishing to drop/withdraw from all courses should contact the Office of the Registrar in order to be removed from their last class.



Step 1: Once logged in to Student SSB, choose the Registration app.

Step 2: Click the Add or Drop Classes link.

  • All courses you are registered for should appear.
  • Under the Action tab, select the drop down arrow for the course you are trying to drop
    • Select the Drop option
    • Hit Submit Changes

Image Removedall of your courses please contact the Office of the Registrar or your academic advisor for assistance. If you are a new admit, please contact Admissions to cancel or move your application.

  • If you intend to re-enroll that same term, DO NOT email the Registrar with a course drop request, you should attempt to register for the new courses, then drop the old ones.

Refer to the Academic Calendar for specific dates and deadlines for the add/drop and withdrawal periods.


Students should not attempt to drop any course in which he/she is going through the Academic Misconduct process. If the student does remove themselves from the course, the student will be manually re-added to the course by the Office of the Registrar pending a final decision from Student Affairs.


  1. Select the "Register for Classes" option in the Registration Menu.
  2. Then, click on the "Registration" link.
  3. Select the Term you wish to remove the course. Then, Click "Continue".
    dropdown for Terms Open for RegistrationImage Added

  4. Enter your Registration Pin and click "Continue".
    field for Alternate PINImage Added
  5. Click the drop down arrow next to the course you wish to drop. From the choices in the drop down box, select "Drop (Web)". Then, Click Submit.
    Image Added

  6. The course should no longer appear on
the student’s current
  1. your schedule.


No. Faculty/staff can only edit a student schedule in INB
titleCan faculty/staff drop courses for a student in SSB?
What if I want to drop all of my courses?

Dropping your final course indicates that you do not wish to enroll at UWF at this time. If you are changing your schedule, make sure you stay in at least one course during the drop/add process. If you are unable to drop all of your courses please contact the Office of the Registrar or your academic advisor for assistance. If you are a new admit, please contact Admissions to cancel or move your application.

titleWhat if a student wants to drop all of his/her courses?

During drop/add a student is able to drop all of his/her courses via the Registration app. Once drop/add has ended, a student will be able to drop all but the final course he/she is registered for. Dropping the final course after drop/add is considered a withdrawal and the student will need to meet with the withdrawal coordinator (Adam Burgess) in the Office of the Registrar. The withdrawal coordinator is the only person eligible to remove a student from their final registered course.

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I'm registered in a Part of Term 5-9 course?

Generally, Parts of Term 5-9 courses' last day to drop is the fifth business day of the course, after it has started. Please email for assistance in dropping your Part of Term 5-9 course before the drop deadline has passed.

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