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There are multiple ways to communicate in your course. Some interactions include Announcements, Discussions, and Conversations.

Announcements (All class participants can see it)

  1. Click the appropriate Announcement title.
  2. Leave a reply for appropriate announcement.

Announcements are a way for teachers to communicate with students about course activities. Students can only create announcements in a group workspace.

Discussions (All class participants can see it)

Canvas provides an integrated system for focused and threaded discussions, which allows both teachers and students alike to start and contribute to as many discussion topics as desired.

You can include media in your discussion posts using the steps outlined in the following links.

Widget Connector

<iframe width="560px" height="320px" allowfullscreen="true" allow="autoplay *" title="207 - Discussions Overview (Student)" src="
embed/3366a746-7f76-4f76-af78-d0dd90aedb12" frameborder="0"></iframe>

Conversations (one or more recipients)

Conversations is the messaging tool used instead of email to communicate with a course, a group, an individual student, or a group of students.

    1. Click the Inbox link in the left side navigation bar.
    2. Enter a name, course, or group you would like to send a message to. Canvas does not support sending emails, this message can only be sent to the Inbox(s) of individuals that you pick in the dropdown menu.
    3. Write and send the message.
Widget Connectorurl

<iframe width="560px" height="320px" allowfullscreen="true" allow="autoplay *" title="104 - Inbox Overview (All Users)" src="https://
embed/541ab831-c1b9-42c3-8192-df32c00120db" frameborder="0"></iframe>