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Blackboard Collaborate, version 12.6 is an online, synchronous, conferencing tool. It allows for instructors and students to talk to each other over the Internet and can be used with or without video.

Because Blackboard Collaborate is synchronous, check your instructor's syllabus and/or Tech Codes if attendance in Collaborate is required and at a fixed time.

Key features

Blackboard Collaborate in sessionImage Modified

  • Video demonstration of Collaborate
  • Accessibility
  • Application Sharing
  • Breakout Rooms
  • Graphing Calculator
  • Polling
  • Quizzes
  • Voice and / or Video
  • Text Chat
  • Web "Tours"
  • Whiteboard (to display PowerPoint slides to to draw/diagram)
  • A new added capability is Mobile Web Conferenceing:
    • Blackboard Collaborate mobile web conferencing allows users of Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing to connect to their sessions on the Apple iPad, iPod Touch, or iPhone devices.
    • Mobile users have access to a subset of the functions in Blackboard Collaborate, including:
      • Viewing the Whiteboard.
      • Viewing an Application on another user's desktop.
      • Access to breakout rooms.
      • Sending and receiving chat messages with the entire room.
      • Listening to other speakers and speaking to the room.
      • Responding to polls.
  • and More!
    • NOTE: Blackboard Collaborate recordings WILL NOT play on mobile devices. You can ONLY view Blackboard Collaborate recordings on a desktop or standard laptop computer.