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The Notifications tool:

  • is a student-option feature
  • allows students to select specific courses to exclude from Notifications.
  • to set Notifications to be received by email or cellphone message, or both.
  • helps encourage and sustain student interaction and engagement in an online course by keeping students aware of changes, updates, and deadlines.

To set up course Notifications:

Log in to eLearning and follow these steps.

Step 1

On your eLearning My Home page, select Notifications from the drop-down menu next to your name.

Step 2

Notice Contact Methods. Here you can:

  1. Register your cellphone for messages, and/or
  2. Enter your desired email address.

Step 3

Summary of Activity is just that.

  • If selected you will receive a daily message that lists all Notification activity (may or may not be useful).

Step 4

Instant Notifications allows you to select the specific type of notification and how it is received.

Step 5

Exclude Some Courses:

    • This is one of the best options, because here you can select the specific courses that you do not want to generate Notifications.


Log in to view Atomic Learning Video for setting Notifications.

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Images for Setting up your Notifications

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