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Step 2 -  Type "transcript request" in the search bar.

Transcript Request AppImage Modified

Step 3 -  Click on the Transcript Request app.


How to Order a Transcript

Parchment Ordering DashboardImage Modified

Step 7 - Select where you would like to send your transcript. 

Set Delivery DestinationImage Modified

Step 8 - Review the Item Details

  • Verify the correct recipient and delivery method were selected.
  • Chose when you would like the transcript send; Send Now, Hold for Grades, Hold for Degree. 
  • You may also add any required attachments that need to be sent with the transcript.  
  • Select CONTINUE once verified.

Item DetailsImage Modified

Step 9 - Review Order Summary

If everything is correct, select CONTINUE

Order SummaryImage Modified

Step 10 - Submit Payment Information

Payment InformationImage Modified


Parchment Ordering Instructions & Resources


titleHow To Change Email Address

Change Email Address:

Step 1:

Click on "Profile". Choose "Account Settings":

Account SettingsImage Modified

Step 2:

A verification code will be sent to the email address you enter. Enter the code to verify the primary email account and click "Confirm".

Verification CodeImage Modified

Step 3:

Click on "Add another email address to this account". 

Enter Email AddressImage Modified

Step 4:

Enter a secondary email address. Make this email address primary by clicking "Make Primary".

Primary Email AddressImage Modified

Step 5:

Verify your new email address.

Account Verified

Your Parchment account has now been updated. Your order history will follow. You may submit your transcript order.


titleHow do I order a FASTER electronic transcript to be sent to the FLDOE?

To send an electronic transcript to the Florida Department of Education, please enter "Florida Dept of Education Certification" into the Parchment search engine when placing your order. It will then populate the electronic FASTER system mailing option. 

'Order' buttonImage Modified

search field for delivery destinationsImage Modified

Clicking on this option will continue your order as an electronic transcript mailed through the FASTER system network.