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If the student makes a change to their schedule (i.e. adding another course), they MUST resubmit the State Waiver form. If the new course is in the previously submitted form, the student may resubmit the same form; if the new course is not mentioned in the previously submitted state waiver form, the student may submit an updated state waiver form.

Example 1: a student registers for a course on time and submits the state waiver form on time. While still in the drop/add week, the student decides to change the course. The student registers for another class and drops the previously registered course. The student MUST resubmit a State Waiver form to the Registrar's Office indicating that there has been a change in schedule. This will alert the Controller's Office to add the Fee Waiver to the newly added course.

Example 2: a student registers for two (2) courses on time and submits the state waiver form on time. The student decides that the workload is too much, then they decide to drop one of the courses. The student does not have to notify the Registrar's Office of the Controller's Office of or the drop.

Example 3: a student is registered for two (2) courses and has the State Employee Tuition Fee Waiver applied for six (6) credit hours. If the student decides to withdraw one of the classes, the student won't be tuition and fee liable for the withdrawal; although, the Controller's office will still count the State Employee Waiver towards the withdrawn course.