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This page provides links to eLearning support videos for students. Each link will take users to video instructions in Atomic Learning.

eLearning Support Videos for Students

Complete eLearning Student Training


What you'll learn in this training

What's new in eLearning?

Logging in and finding courses

Using the minibar and selecting a course

Using the Pager

Using the updates and subscription tools

Adjust profile settings

Adjust account settings

My Home Page Tools

View calendar events

Create calendar tasks

Use the News widget

Use the My Courses widget

Use the basic editor tools

Use the advanced editor tools

Course Home Page Tools

Using checklists

Introducing the Contents tab

Using the Table of Contents

Navigating content under the Contents tab

Content Notification System

Use the classlist

Use the Chat tool

Assessments and Dropbox

View your grades

Submitting to the Dropbox

View feedback from the instructor from the Dropbox

Taking quizzes

Using the discussion board

Posting to a discussion board

Subscribing to a discussion

Adjust discussion settings



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