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Refer to the FAQs below to troubleshoot issues with eDesktop for GIS.

See ArgoApps Help for more information regarding connecting and using GIS Virtual Desktop.


 If there are no menu bars or toolbars visible in ArcMap, follow these instructions to resolve.
  1. Close ArcMap and any associated ArcMap programs.

  2. Go to the following folder (click start, then choose run and type in the path below).

  3. Rename "normal.mxt" to "normal.mxt.broken".

  4. Launch ArcMap, the normal.mxt file will be recreated and should resolve the menu bar/toolbar issue
 ArcGIS is unable to run a tool and returning TOOL NOT LICENSED error

This is a common problem with a simple fix. UWF has a license to use anything within the ArcGIS suite, but tools that fall under extensions licenses must be active on your user profile to use.

To activate go to the Customize menu in ArcMap or Catalog and find Extensions

 Extensions option

Check the box for the extensions you want to use or go ahead and check them all. The boxes should remain checked the next time you open the software.

List of available extensions

 I want to access my Mac's hard drive from within eDesktop for GIS

In order to access local folders (including your the whole hard drive of your Mac) you will need to create a profile within the Microsoft Remote Desktop application.

Click the new button (plus) and enter the details from the screenshot below, then click the redirection tab and enter a similar path before closing the properties on your new profile. Once complete just double-click the new profile in the Microsoft Remote Desktop window.

Window for editing remote desktops, for UWF eDesktop for GIS adding a local folder


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