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Refer to the FAQs below to troubleshoot issues with eDesktop.


 When I try to connect to eDesktop, I receive a pop-up window asking what program to use. What do I do?

This message appears if Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection software is not installed on your computer.

 Why do I receive this message when I connect to eDesktop: “The following local devices will be made available to the remote computer. This may be potentially unsafe.”

This message is informing you that when you connect to eDesktop, your local files (hard drive, USB drives, etc.) will be available to you from eDesktop’s “My Computer” icon. This enables you to transfer files between your computer and eDesktop. If you are concerned about the security of this connection, you may use the alternate "connect without local drives" link in the Getting Started section of eDesktop in MyUWF.

If you do not wish to receive this message in the future, check the box labeled "Don't prompt me again for connections to this remote computer".

 I lost my connection to eDesktop, can I reopen my session?

Yes, you can reopen your session provided you did not click Log Off eDesktop icon on the Desktop or the Log Off button in the Start menu to officially end your session. If you are disconnected from eDesktop, your session remains available for 30 minutes. To restore your session, simply reopen eDesktop.

Note: If your session remains idle for 30 minutes, you will be automatically disconnected from eDesktop. Once disconnected, you have another 30 minutes to reconnect to your session.

 Why do I receive this message when I try to connect to eDesktop: "The client could not establish a connection to the remote computer."

 The eDesktop virtual lab has a limited number of seats. This message appears when all eDesktop seats are full. When someone exits their session, another session will become available. If no seats are available now, check back later.

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