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Saving Files

When working in eDesktop, be sure to save your work to your H: drive or another permanent storage location. Any files not saved to your H: drive will be lost when you log out of your session.

Accessing Personal Files

In eDesktop you can access files stored on your H: and I: drives, your computer’s hard drive, and external media. All of these drives are available through "Computer" in eDesktop.

Accessing Departmental ArgoNet Folders

Departmental ArgoNet folders (also known as drives) can also be accessed through eDesktop; however they must first be mapped to "Computer" on your personal computer desktop. They will then be accessible via the "Computer" icon on eDesktop.

Access files from my Windows computer within eDesktop

By default, when you connect to eDesktop your local drives will be mapped to your session on eDesktop. You can access files from your local computer by opening "Computer" and your drives will be listed under your H drive as shown below.

image of H drive

You can open these drives to locate files you wish to open within eDesktop. Tip: Try opening your C drive and going to the Users folder (then choose your local computer username) where you may find files you're looking for.

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