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Wiggio is designed for instructors who have student assignments that require group work. Wiggio offers a central place for learners to collaborate using chat, schedule events, upload and edit files, and much more. You can set up Wiggio groups for your students right in the Content area in eLearning.

screenshot of creating a new group


 Setting up a Wiggio space

You, as the instructor, can set up a Wiggio space for students in your class.  You can then either set up the groups within that space or have your students set up their own groups.

To set up a Wiggio space:

  • Select Content from the Course Materials drop-down menu

screenshot of Content from the Course Materials drop-down menu

  • Select the Module where you would like to set up the group(s)
  • Then, select the drop-down menu next to Add Existing Activities and click on External Learning Tools

Add Existing Activities drop down and External Learning Tools option

  • Select Wiggio from the pop-up menu

screenshot of Wiggo option

  • A link to a Wiggio group will be added to the Module
  • Select the drop-down menu next to the Wiggio group to edit its properties

Wiggio drop down and edit properties in place option

  • Click in this field if you would like to change the name of the Wiggio space

screenshot of changing name of Wiggio space

  • For instance, I changed the name of this space to "Groups Workspace."  Click Update.

groups work space option and update button

 Setting up groups within a Wiggio space

Once you have created the Wiggio space, you or your students can set up groups within that space.

To begin the process of setting up groups:

  • Click on the link to the newly created Wiggio space.

screenshot of newly created Wiggio space

  • The first time you access Wiggio, you will see the following message.  Select, "Do not ask me again for this application" and click Continue.

access to account message

  • The Welcome screen will pop up and you will be prompted to Create a Group.  By clicking Create Group or dismissing this form and using Wiggio, you agree that you have read and understood Wiggio's terms of service and privacy policy.

screenshot of creating a new group

  • Enter a group name and click Create Group.
 Adding members to a Wiggio group

 Once you or your students have created a group, you can add new members to the group.  If you are allowing students to create their own groups, you can require them to add you to the group if you want to monitor each group's work.

  • To add new members, click one of the links indicated below.

add members link and add new members button

  • Enter the email addresses of the members you want to invite or select them from your email contact, create a custom message if you like, and click Invite.

screenshot of e-mail composer, for inviting new users

  • Wiggio will send an email invitation like the one below, informing the new member that he/she has been added to the group.

screenshot of example e-mail invitation


 Wiggio home page

On your Wiggio home page, you will see any groups you have created and/or been added to, the members in those groups, available tools, alerts and other items.  Take some time to explore the home page.

screenshot of UWF Wiggo homepage after logging in


Instructions for this tool are currently under development.  Visit the D2L Resource Center for detailed instructions on Wiggio

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