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Webex Meetings is a video conferencing and telepresence software available to UWF and hosted by Cisco. Users can host and join meetings at

Joining a Webex Meeting 

  1. Click the link that was provided for your Webex meeting.  This link will most likely be in an email you received, or posted on a webpage (such as within Canvas).

  2. Press Sign In and log into Webex using your UWF credentials in this format: ( or

    Sign In button
    field for email address
  3. Click Join Meeting.

    Join Meeting button

Join from Webex email invitation

  1. Click the Join Meeting button in your email invitation.

    Your email invitation appears in one of the following formats, depending on how the host schedules your meeting.

    Scheduled from Webex site:

    invitation from Webex site

    Scheduled from Microsoft Outlook:

    invitation from Outlook

  2. On the Meeting Information page, enter the required information.
  3. Select Join.

Join from Webex Portal

Go to MyUWF, login, and open the Cisco Webex app.

Enter either the host's Personal Room ID or the meeting number in the Join a Meeting text box, and press Enter on your keyboard.

field for host's Personal Room ID or the meeting number

You can find the host's Personal Room host ID in the Personal Room URL. For example, if the Personal Room URL is, the host’s Personal Room host ID is jparker.

You should be able to find the meeting number in your email invitation.  Please note that this number is 9 digits long, and that this number is the same as the access code and the meeting ID.

Connecting to the Webex Meeting

After you have joined the meeting, you will see the following screen:

Select one of the following options:

  • Join from your browser - Join the meeting from your browser without requiring the installation of software on your device.
  • Run the downloaded file to install the Webex Meetings app and utilize advanced features.

Scheduling a Webex Meeting 

  1. Access Press "Sign In" and log into Webex using your UWF credentials in this format: ( or

    Sign In button

    field for email address
  2. Select Schedule.

    Schedule button
  3. Enter the information. You may set a password for the meeting if desired. Make sure to enter the email addresses of each student, presenter and facilitator who will be attending the meeting. 

    fields for various meeting details
  4. Click "Schedule" at the bottom of the page (or "Start" if the meeting is about to start). 

  5. Each invitee, as well as the presenter/host, will receive an email stating that they have been invited to a webex video conferencing session. They will need to click the link in the email that was sent to join the meeting at the time the meeting starts.

  6. Your meeting should now be ready for others to join via the email link they were sent when the meeting was set up. Any attendees will also need to install the Cisco Webex extension on their devices.

For more information, please see Getting Started with Cisco Webex Meetings for Hosts.

Meeting Controls

Once a meeting has started, you should screen similar to the following:

Allow button

Select Allow to allow the Webex session to use your microphone and webcam.

From this screen you can select your privacy, microphone, speaker, and webcam settings.

You should have at least three options for your audio connection:

  • Using computer for audio – Choose this option if you will use an internal or external microphone to talk during the Webex session.
  • Call in – Choose this option if you will use your phone to talk during the Webex session, or if your computer doesn't have working speakers/microphone.
  • Don't connect audio – Choose this option if you will not speak during the Webex session.  You will still be able to listen to the session, so long as you have working speakers.

For Using computer for audio, you two options to change.

dropdown menus for speaker and microphone

  • Speaker – Choose the speakers from which you would like to hear the meeting audio.
  • Microphone – Choose the microphone with which you would like to speak to the meeting.

You should now see the screen below:
live meeting

  • Hosts will have the option of locking the meeting from the ... More Options menu. Selecting Lock Meeting from the ... More Options menu will lock/unlock the meeting. When participants attempt to join a locked meeting they will be placed into the meeting's waiting room and the host will be notified that someone is in the waiting room.

    icon showing if meeting is locked

  • Clicking the information icon at the upper left will allow you to view the meeting details.

The bottom bar will display a few buttons you can use to control the meeting:

various Webex buttons

  1. Mute Microphone - Toggling this will mute your microphone and prevent participants from hearing you.
  2. Stop My Video - Toggling this will stop your video and prevent participants from seeing you.
  3. Share Content - Broadcasts your content to all participants.
  4. Participants - This allows you to view active participants and to invite participants in the "waiting room" to the meeting. As a host, you may also change the speaker of the meeting in this menu.
  5. Chat With All - Chat with meeting participants.
  6. More Options - Check meeting performance, change audio connection, or change speaker/microphone/webcam settings.
  7. Leave - Disconnect from the meeting.

Hosts will also have the record icon button to Record the session. Recorded sessions will be delivered via email once the session has been processed.

* Some notes about Recordings

  • It may take some time for the recording to finish processing before it is available to download. Participants will be sent an email once the recording is able to be viewed/downloaded through Webex.
  • Webex may ask if you want to save the recording to the cloud or directly to your computer. Save the recording to the cloud! This is the only way for you to be emailed a direct download link to the .mp4 version of your recording.

Sharing Content with Participants

  1. Select the Share Content Share Content button button from the bottom bar.
  2. Select the App or Screen to share.
    1. For Mac: 
      choosing which app or screen to share 
      1. Select Your Entire ScreenApplication Window, or Chrome Tab (if using Chrome) based on which you want to share
      2. Select the Screen, Application, or Tab to share
      3. Select Share

79/174 Classroom Instructions for Facilitators

These instructions are specific to starting a webex meeting in building 79 room 174

  1. Make sure PC1 is routed to all displays in the the classroom

    1. To do this, make sure "PC1 Main" is selected and press "Activate System" box under "Route All" which will display PC1 to all SMART displays in the room as well as the projector.

    2. Have the instructor log into PC1 at the instructor lectern using their Facstaff Credentials.

  2. Open chrome and enter in the address bar. Click "Sign in".

  3. Start the meeting. Select the classroom's camera and microphone as input devices.

  4. Log into the facilitator's station at the back of the classroom using your facilitator's login information and join the meeting. If you are in a "waiting room" at the start of the meeting, you will need to inform the host of the meeting to move you into the main lobby using the participants window button (as shown above under "Meeting Controls" section).

  5. If the meeting is locked, have the host of the meeting bring others into the meeting as necessary using the "participants" menu.

Distance Learning Room Instructions

Instructors needing to use Cisco Webex in a distance learning room will need to use an external USB microphone, as the integrated podium microphones in these systems only provide voice amplification capabilities and do not record audio to the podium PC.

When setting up the meeting:

  1. Under the Audio and Video Connection dialog box:

    1. Choose Call Using Computer for the Select Audio Connection dropdown menu.

    2. Choose the name of your webcam or video recording device under the Select Video Connection dropdown menu.

  2. Under the speaker options, select Crestron as the default audio playback source if you will be playing participant audio through the classroom speakers. If using external headphones, make sure the name of your headphones are selected instead under this prompt.

    Audio and Video Connection window

  3. Under the microphone option, select the name of the external microphone you are using in the classroom (either through your webcam or through a provided external microphone). 

  4. Click Connect Audio.

  5. Test and verify that your participants can hear your voice, see your picture, and that their voices are playing through the classroom speakers or other external playback device.

Additional Resources

For more detailed instructions about more features Cisco Webex Meetings offers, please visit their official support page.


Can Webex be used with Google Calendar?
Why can't I locate a specific feature within Webex?
  • You may need to be in Webex classic view in order to use all features which Webex Offers.
  • To change from modern view to classic view, make sure to select the classic view link after signing into the portal.

Classic View link

How do I enable or disable Enter and Exit tones?
  • Desktop App

    • Select Participant from the top menu

    • Select Entry and Exit Tone

  • Web App

    • Select the ellipsis ... from the bottom menu

    • Select Participant Settings

    • Select Entry and Exit Tone

I am sharing video content, why doesn't my video stream properly to my participants?
  • Webex is designed for video conference which prioritizes webcam video and audio rather than streaming high definition video. Due to the high bandwidth requirements of streaming video, it is recommended to not stream videos via Webex.
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