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Potential students can use this syllabus viewer to look up the syllabus for a course they are considering taking.  If the syllabus hasn't been uploaded yet for a specific semester, a syllabus from the previous year will be shown, if available.  This application is publicly available to anyone and doesn't require a login.


Searching for a course

The user can search for a course by first selecting the semester they are interested in, then entering a search term.  They can search by a course number (ex: ACG2021) or a course reference number (CRN).  The numbers have to be entered in completely, otherwise the search won't work.

Syllabus Viewer homepage

Viewing Results

If a syllabus is found for the exact course entered, a link to that syllabus will be displayed.  However, if no syllabus is found, the previous year's semester will be searched for syllabi.  If one or more are found, they will be displayed.

Exact Match

Searching by CRN

Previous Semester Available

No Results Found

If a course has no syllabus and previous syllabi are not available either, the user will just see a listing of the current course with the label "no syllabus available."  If the course can not be located at all, an error message will display that says "No matching courses were found."

No syllabus at all

Course not found

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