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Students can view and download syllabi for any course given its term and course code or section number.

The Syllabus App is available to students in MyUWF, however no login is required to access the app.


Search for a Course

Using the search UI at the top of the page, search for a course by entering its term code and either a course code or section number.

If the course syllabus has not yet been uploaded, the course name will appear greyed-out as in the screenshot below.

greyed-out course

The app will attempt to provide a link to a syllabus from the same course from a previous year.

If a course syllabus is available, the course name will appear in blue and a download icon will appear on the far right, as shown in the screenshot below:

Previous Term Suggestions

If your search returns one or more courses, and none of those courses have a syllabus, then your search will be automatically repeated for a term one year prior to the term you searched for, in the hopes that a previous year's course has a syllabus. All search results are shown.

For example, in the screenshot below a search was performed within the Fall 2019 term. A course was found, but did not have a syllabus. The search was therefore repeated within the Fall 2018 term.

syllabi from a previous term

Download the Syllabus

To download the syllabus, click the course title or the download icon.

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