Grades for students may be available as soon as the close of business on the day grades are due to the Office of the Registrar (see Academic Dates & Deadlines for grade submission deadlines); it may take an additional 24 hours for GPA and Academic Standing to update.

Follow the instructions below for Viewing your GPA and Viewing Final Grades.




Students may view their UWF GPA (GPA of UWF coursework ONLY; does NOT include transfer work) using their degree audit.

  1. Log in to MyUWF.
  2. Search for and select the Degree Audit app
  3. Your UWF GPA will appear on the UWF GPA line of the Student View block.
    section for UWF GPA

All GPA's

The Unofficial Transcript will display your UWF, transfer, and cumulative GPA's.

  1. Log in to MyUWF.
  2. Access the Student Academic Records Menu.
  3. Click "View Academic Transcript" link.
    Student tab, View Academic Transcript link

  4. You may be asked to select a term; choose the most recent term available.
    1. Click Submit
  5. From the Level option, you may choose a level, however know that the official transcript will display ALL levels of coursework taken at UWF.
  6. Under Transcript Type, choose Unofficial., then click Submit.
    Transcript Type dropdown and Submit button

  7. Your Unofficial Transcript should display.
  8. To view your GPA, click the Transcript Totals link at the top of the page.
    Transcript Totals link
    1. You will be taken to the bottom of your transcript where the transcript totals (by level) are located.
  9. Your GPA's will be listed in the Transcript Totals block.
    List of GPAs

Final Grades

Students may view their final grades via the Final Grades link Student Academic Records Menu in MyUWF.

  1. Log in to MyUWF.
  2. Access the Student Academic Records Menu.
  3. Click the Final Grades link.
    Student tab and Final Grades link

  4. Choose the term for which you would liked to view your grades, then click Submit.
    Select term dropdown and Submit button

  5. Any posted/available grades for your courses should appear.
    List of Final Grades

  6. If no final grades have been posted for you, the following message will appear:
    'No grades on your record are available' error message