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Here are some best practices to guide your use of video:

  • Length
    • Shorter is better.
    • 3-5 minutes is optimum, no longer than 10 minutes when possible.
    • If you must use a longer video, break it up into smaller, standalone chunks.
  • Writing
    • Write a script or at least an outline.
    • Write in as conversational and as friendly a tone as you can.
    • Use short sentences.
    • Write for the ear – not for the eye (most people will only hear the video narration so you can be informal, use contractions, etc.).
    • Read your script out loud (then you'll hear where you need to make changes).
  • Recording
    • Rehearse and practice before you press the "Record" button.
    • When using a camera, do a test recording to make sure you are comfortable with all the controls.
    • If you make a mistake or stumble over words, let the recording continue, pause for five seconds, then pick up again where you left off. You can edit out the bad portions later.
  • Formats
    • MP4 video can be played by most media players and mobile media devices.
    • Flash video (.swf) is NOT a recommended format.
  • Captioning
  • Using in your course
  • Copyright Considerations: Be sure you have the right to use any videos that you want to add to your courses. If you're unclear about what those rights are and what your responsibilities include, please review these resources:

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Video Resources

Panopto Tutorial - Sign into Canvas and go to Panopto Recording for a host of How-To videos

Camtasia Tutorials - Global Online has a copy of Camtasia available for faculty in our media lab. Contact Global Online staff to schedule a time to come in and use Camtasia.

Embedding a video from Google Drive into eLearning

Here are some additional recommended tools:

Videos creation

Video editing

Video hosting








Hosting a video:

Once you have created your video you can upload it into Panopto and link or embed it into you course modules. If you have your videos hosted on teh Library's streaming server you can embed the video into your module.