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This procedure will explain how to use and understand your graduation dashboard.


Discussed in detail below are the instructions of how to use your graduation dashboard.  The screen shots are via a computer, but should you need to see a screen shot of the app on your mobile device, please go here.

Step 1 - Access the app

Access the Graduation Dashboard app via MyUWF.

Step 2 - Use the app

Once the app is loaded one of three views will be shown on the screen.

  1. If you are NOT an undergraduate degree-seeking student the following will be seen because the graduation dashboard does not apply to you.
  2. If you ARE an undergraduate degree-seeking student, but you do not have an expected graduation term in the database, the following will be seen.  Your name, UWFID, program, classification, last term attended, financial aid status and academic standing will be listed to the right of your picture.

  3. If you ARE an undergraduate degree-seeking student and you have an expected graduation term in the database, the following, along with more details, will be seen.   Your name, UWFID, program, classification, last term attended, financial aid status and academic standing will be listed.  In the right corner is your splash of.  This is the year you are expected to graduate.

Viewing Your Estimated Time to Degree

By default, the Estimated Time to Degree tab is selected.  The information in this tab is pertinent to completing your degree on time.  

Progress bar

The first thing shown within the tab is the progress bar.  This bar is intended to estimate your current progress based on your classification, the number of hours you are currently enrolled in, the number of hours you are registered for in the future, as well as whether you have applied for graduation.  The color and status of the bar are based on your plan in Degree Works.

  • green bar indicates that you are On Track
  • red bar indicates you are Off Track

  • A grey bar indicates you have not been evaluated with a plan yet

The width of the bar is based on your classification and the number of "optimistic" hours.  Optimistic hours are computed as follows:

  • Sum the number of attempted hours for the current term and any registered hours in any term in the future.

If the number of optimistic hours are 0, then the bar will go to the mark indicating your classification (The grey bar above is an example of this).  If the number of optimistic hours are greater than 0, the bar will go half way between your current classification and the classification you will be the following year (The green and red bar above are an example of this).

If you have applied for graduation you will see a bar that extends 80% of the full width.  

If you have a graduation application that has been awarded you are will see a bar extending the entire 100%, along with an image just above the bar in place of the status text that says "You did it!".

In addition, you may have received an AA degree at UWF.  If you have, an indicator will be shown on your progress bar.

Excess Hours

The excess hours status is pulled directly from your Excess Hours application.  

There will be one of 4 things shown within the excess hours section.  

If you are NOT an active undergrad student, there will be a message displayed indicating that excess hours only applies to undergraduate degree-seeking students.  

If a status does exists and you ARE an active undergrad student, a gauge along with the status and a link to the Excess Hours app will be shown. 

  • A green bar indicates you have 0 - 50 attempted hours, or you have an exempt status
  • yellow bar indicates you have 51 - 80 attempted hours

  • red bar indicates you have 81+ attempted hours.  This could mean that you are in excess.

Additional Information

Links are provided to other useful information within the Additional Information pane.


All students with a starting enrollment term of Fall 2016 will have to abide by the progress to degree withdraw policy.  It states that a student is allowed 3 withdrawals from lower level courses, 3 withdrawals from upper level courses, and no more than 2 withdrawals from the same course.  Regardless of whether this policy applies to you or not, you will see a message in the withdrawals section.  If the policy does not apply, you will see an "Exempt" label with the withdrawals section collapsed by default.

If the policy does apply, the withdrawals will be shown to the user by default.   Notice there is not an "Exempt" label.


The first thing shown is a "View Withdrawn Courses" button.

Clicking this will display all withdrawn courses by term.

Next, is a list of the upper and lower level course withdrawals.  If there are 3 or less for lower and/or upper, the withdrawn course will be be shown under a red X within the corresponding course level box.  A grey X indicates that a course has not been withdrawn.  Think of this section as "Three strikes and you are out"!

If more than 3 withdrawals have occurred, the number of used and remaining will be displayed rather than the exact course.

In addition to the upper and lower course withdrawals, you may have courses that you have withdrawn from at least twice.  If you do, you will see a list in a separate section titled "Multiple Withdrawals from same course".


Viewing Your Major Change History

Click the Major Change History tab.

All major change activity, starting with Fall 2016, will be showing within the tab.  A note is displayed in the major change tab to indicate that what is shown is history for Fall 2016 forward. 

Major change will be displayed by term.

If no major change history is found a message will be displayed.

Viewing My Graduation Dashboard on a Mobile Device


Expanded withdrawals

View Withdrawn courses

Major change history



 Something on my dashboard doesn't look correct, what should I do?

Please keep in mind that this is an estimation of your progress, but should something look incorrect please contact your advisor.  A disclaimer can be found at the bottom of the page to assist you in your official status.