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Schedule Planner is a tool designed to assist students with creating an ideal class schedule, taking in to account any other regularly scheduled events or day/time preferences a student may have.

For additional help, please see the Help Videos at the bottom of the page.

You may also use one or both of the scheduled organization tools below:

image of red right arrow Adding classes to your Schedule Planner does NOT register you! See Step 13 below.

Registering for Courses
Information and step-by-step instructions on how to register for classes:

Students wishing to register for variable hour courses (Directed Study, Independent Study, Internship, Thesis, Dissertation) should see their Academic Advisor who will complete a Variable Credit Hour Course request.

Undergraduate students wishing to register for a 5000 level course must complete the Registration Drop/Add form; registration for the course must be manually done by the Office of the Registrar once the form is submitted.

Registration for non-standard Part of Term courses (Parts of Term 5-9) runs through the 7th day of the month in which the course begins. Any action (add, drop, or withdraw) after that point in time must be submitted to the Office of the Registrar via the Registration Drop/Add form.

In addition to an Advising PIN, all students are also assigned a Time Ticket which specifies when the student is allowed to register. For additional information on Advising PINs and Time Tickets, please see the Previous/Next Steps section at the bottom of this page.

Courses with "I" (Incomplete) grades will not count as meeting the minimum grade for a prerequisite. (Ex: I have an I grade in ENC 1101, which is a prerequisite for ENC 2000. I will not be able to register for ENC 2000 because the grade of an "I" does not meet the minimum prerequisite grade requirement for ENC 2000.

If you are not currently a UWF student or faculty, please use the public course option found on our website at


Step 1

In MyUWF, search for the Registration Menu App.

Step 2

Once in the Registration Menu, select "Schedule Planner" in the "Student" tab.

Student tab, and Schedule Planner link

Step 3

Select the desired term from the options given, then click "Save and Continue".

Select term, and Save and Continue button

Step 4

A campus can then be selected; multiple or all campuses can also be selected based on preference. 

Once you have indicated your preferred campus locations, click "Save and Continue".

Select campus, and Save and Continue button

Step 5

Select the Part of Term you would like. (See Understanding Parts of Term

Select parts of term, and Save and Continue button

Step 6

The Schedule Planner home screen should appear.

  • In the top right corner of the page are short Help Videos under the "Help" link that provide detailed instructions on how to use Schedule Planner.
    Schedule Planner home screen, and Help link

  • From the Course Status menu, click "change" to see the types of courses you wish to be able to view. Select your status from the list and click "save". The options are:
    • Open Classes Only- pending any holds, prerequisites, or other course restrictions, you should be able to register for these courses.
    • Open & Full w/ Waitlist Open- this will show open courses and full/closed courses that have seats available on the waitlist. See Using Waitlists for additional information.
    • Open & Full- will show ALL courses; open courses, full/closed courses with waitlist space available, and full/closed courses with full waitlists.
      fields for course status and campuses
      Select course status, and Save button

Step 7

From the home screen, desired courses can be added by clicking on the "Add Course" option. Honors courses are marked with a Star.

For example, if ENC1101 is the desired course, select the subject code "ENC", and the course number "1101". Then, click "Add Course". This course option will then be added to the "Courses" list.

dropdown menus for subject and coursecheckboxes for courses

Step 8

Before generating schedule options, Breaks may be added to the schedule.

  • When breaks are added, Schedule Planner will not show courses that meet during the designated "Break" times.

To add a Break, click on the "Add Break" button. For example, if Practice is MTWR from 3:30-5:30 pm, the time block can be added to the schedule.

  • Breaks can be used for any kind of break needed when creating a schedule (Example: work, practice, meetings, or other regularly scheduled appointments).

You may assign you break a name, then input the Start and End times of the break, as well as choose the appropriate days.

Add New Break page, and Add Break button

Step 9

Once the Breaks and Courses have been added, click "Generate Schedules".

  • Make sure all desired classes have the box checked next to the course number. This will display all possible options with available classes. 
  • Closed classes will not be considered as a schedule option.

Checkboxes for courses and breaks, and Generate Schedules button

Step 10

Possible schedules based on the criteria entered (campus, courses, breaks, days/times) will appear in the "Schedules" portion of the home page.

  • Click the "View" link to view the details of the generated schedule.

list of schedules and their views

Step 11

You can compare potential schedules by selecting multiple options in the Compare column, then click "Compare".

Checkboxes for views, and Compare button

Step 12

Once you have determined the schedule which you prefer, click on the "Send to Cart" button.

  • This will send the courses to the Registration Cart. Adding classes to your cart will automatically save the selected classes and may be viewed by your advisor.
  • You may also print the potential schedule by selecting "Print Page".

Send to Shopping Cart button

Step 13

In your cart, you will see the courses you selected. If the course is full, but has waitlist seats available, you will see this in the far, right-hand column.

Once ready to actually register for the courses, click "Register".

Register button

  • Registered and waitlisted courses should now appear in the My Classes app and your detailed schedule in MyUWF. See Using Waitlists for more information. 
  • If you are attempting to register prior to your Time Ticket becoming open, you will receive an error when you click "Register"; please choose the "Save Cart" option (shown below) and attempt to register again when your Time Ticket opens.
  • Holds on your account will also prevent registration. For information on both how to view your Time Ticket and Holds, please see Viewing Student Registration Status.

If you are NOT ready to register, but wish to leave the courses in your cart and register for them at a later date, choose the "Save Cart" option.

(red star) Choosing the "Save Cart" option DOES NOT register you for courses, nor will you automatically be registered when your Time Ticket opens. You must return to your Registration Cart and click "Register".

ALWAYS confirm your registration by viewing your class schedule Using the My Classes app.

Dropping/Withdrawing from Courses

To drop a course after registration, please follow the instructions for Dropping Courses or Withdrawing After Drop/Add (as applicable), then you will also need to remove the course from your Schedule Planner cart.

image of red right arrow Removing courses from your cart DOES NOT drop/withdraw you from the course. Dropping/withdrawing from a course DOES NOT remove them from your cart. ALWAYS check your class schedule using the My Classes app in MyUWF.

Help Videos

Overview of Schedule Planner.mp4






Next Steps

Students may also search for courses using the standard instructions for Registering for Courses.

Using the My Classes app

Viewing a Student Schedule