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Registration time tickets are assigned at the beginning of the registration cycle to all students based on classification (freshman, sophomore, etc.) and/or a special student populations.

 Sometimes the criteria for determining the time ticket can change after it has been assigned. For example:

  • A student switches from non-degree to degree-seeking
  • A student's level changes (ie Student received undergraduate and now needs to register for graduate level courses)


If you need assistance viewing your Time Ticket, please following the instructions found here.

If you feel your assigned time is incorrect, please follow the instructions below to update your Time Ticket. 

How to update my Time Ticket

  1. In MyUWF, search for and select the Priority Registration App.
  2. If a better time ticket is available to you, a message similar to the one below will be displayed.
  3. Click the "Yes, I would like this time ticket" button. It can take up to 15 minutes to process the request.
    1. Once the request has been processed, the Registration Status page will be updated with the new time ticket and your new Time Ticket should display in the Priority Registration app.

    New time ticket not available

  4. If a new time ticket is not available, a message like this will be displayed:  

          Message for no time ticket