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Students and advisors needing to update a registered student organization's Argonet ( account access or password.


Please note: RSO Argonet accounts are subject to the UWF Computing Resources Usage Agreement and Public Records Policy.

  1. Update authorized users on your account at an RSO SOLD Workshop or by emailing if you have changes mid-semester. Please submit names as they appear in the UWF email directory along with the person's Argonet username. There are two types of authorized account users you may add or remove:
    1. Responsible Parties (RPs) are authorized to use your organization's "organizationname" email account and can access the account password in MyUWF. Typically, the RPs are the organization's president and sometimes a vice president and advisor. 
    2. Content Providers (CPs) can access your organization's H (home) drive file storage but not its email. RPs and CPs may access the H drive by mapping your account's network drive.  
  2. Once you receive account access, update your RSO Argonet account password. Be sure to update your account password every time you update your RP list:
    1. Log into MyUWF at

    2. In the Search field, search for My Account.

    3. Choose the My Account app.

    4. Under the Argonet Account section on the left side of the page, select your organization's Argonet account name from the Working with: drop-down menu. 

    5. Click on the View Password or Change Password link.