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Outside Activity Reporting Form (Form OA)

In general, employees of the University of West Florida are permitted to engage in outside activities. The University of West Florida Conflict of Interest Policy, AC-11.02-05/13 and the Employee Code of Conduct, HR 15.02-06/16 (the “Policies”), provide guidance to employees seeking to engage in outside activities. In accordance with the Policies, employees are required to report their outside activities to the University and obtain approval to participate in these activities prior to engaging in them. Outside activities are those activities, whether compensated or not, which are not part of the employee’s assigned duties and for which the University has provided no compensation.

 All employees, including student employees and OPS employees engaging in outside activities requiring disclosure must complete this Outside Activity Form.


An Outside Activity form must be submitted:

    1. Each time an employee plans to engage in a new activity requiring disclosure,
    2. Any time there is a significant change in an activity which has previously been reported.
    3. (a) For Academic employees, at the beginning of each academic year for activities of a continuing nature (therefore, for continuing activities, the form is only valid through August 7 of each year), and
      (b) For Non-Academic employees, on or before July 1 of each year.



All employees, including those on compensated leave or approved leave of absence (which includes professional development leaves, sabbaticals, annual leave, sick leave, etc.), must submit a disclosure of outside activity on this form if, during employment with the University of West Florida:

    1. You wish to engage in any compensated activity that is not part of duties assigned to you by University of West Florida; or
    2. You wish to engage in any outside activity, whether compensated or not, which you reasonably expect:
      1. may create or reasonably appears to create a conflict of interest;
      2. may otherwise interfere or reasonably appears to interfere with the full performance of the employee’s professional responsibilities or other institutional obligations; OR,
      3. may create conflict of time, which is defined as an outside activity (including consulting, public service or pro bono work) which interferes with the employee’s primary commitment of time, attention and intellectual energies to the University.

If you expect that the outside activity will create or may create a conflict of interest, you must also submit the Conflict of Interest Form

Activities which are performed wholly during a period in which the employee has no appointment with the University need not be reported, however, employees are encouraged to report activities during such periods.

Please review the non-exhaustive list of types of outside activities which must be reported and for which prior approval in writing is required in the Policies.

An employee’s failure to fully and properly report outside activities and other interests or failure to follow any conditions imposed pursuant to the University’s approval of such activities, may be grounds for disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal.

Please submit a separate form for each outside activity.


In order to proceed to the form, you will be required to fill in the name(s) and e-mail address(es) of (1) your chair, director or supervisor; and (2) your Dean, AVP, or Department Head; and (3) your Vice President, as applicable. Be sure to click on the blue floppy disk icon to save the information before proceeding. 

As you fill out the form, be sure to save your information by clicking on the “save progress” button at the end of each page.   At the end of the form, you will be asked for a signature.  At the point that you are ready to submit the form, you should type your name on the signature line and click “sign electronically.”  The form will automatically route to the supervisor(s) you have designated. 

If you do not click “sign electronically,” but have saved your information, the form will be available for you to complete and process by clicking “draft forms” on the dynamic forms starting page.


If you are a Dean, AVP, or Department Head, click here to proceed to the form (1 approval signature).

If you are a Chair, Director, Supervisor, click here to proceed to the form (2 approval signatures).

All others, click here to proceed to the form (3 approval signatures).