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Google provides various training materials and support documentation for its apps.  Below is a table that links to the training materials and documentation for Google's more popular apps.  Users can access and work through this content at their own convenience.  

Please do not feel compelled to review every single resource listed for each app.  The content provided by these resources may be repetitive; the content for each resource is just delivered differently.  Please explore and review only what you feel you need to review, and whatever you believe is best for you, your situation, and your learning style.  

Support Documentation

No sign-in required

After clicking on some of the links below, you may see a blue Sign In button.  Do not click this button.  You do not have to sign in to use these tutorials.

Google Workspace app

Task-specific videos

(video lessons focused on using the Google Workspace app to complete common or useful tasks)

Self-guided training videos

(video lessons reviewing the basics of the Google Workspace app)

Self-guided training text

(text documentation reviewing the basics of the Google Workspace app)

Searchable content

(text documentation that users can search)

Additional resources


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Google Meet

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Google Chat

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Google Calendar

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Google Docs

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Google Slides

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Google Sheets

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Google Forms

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Google Drive

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Google Drive for Desktop

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Google Groups

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Google Contacts

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ITS Help Desk

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