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Toolbar options

The Edit Toolbar provides tools for formatting text or adding equations, tables, images and other media.

'Edit' Toolbar

  1. Save File - save the currently open file.
  2. Spell checker - spell check the file.
  3. Cut, Copy and Paste - copy text to/from a text entry field.
  4. Bold, Italic, Underline - add bold, italic or underline formatting.
  5. Superscript and Subscript - add superscript or subscript formatting.
  6. Equation Editor - launches the equation editor.
  7. HTML Editor - add a block of HTML to a question.
  8. Media Wizard - add images, audio, video, and other files; embed files from other servers (e.g. YouTube, Picasa).
  9. Power Edit - provides a larger edit window and includes other tools like bulleted lists, fonts, table editor, etc.