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Change to using Respondus Lockdown Browser

Beginning June 1, 2017, students may no longer be able to manually launch LockDown Browser (using a desktop shortcut) and then log into Respondus. If they attempt to do that, they may encounter this message:

LockDown Browser shouldn't be started manually. Use a standard browser (eg. Chrome, IE, Firefox, etc.) to navigate to the exam and LockDown Browser will launch automatically when it's required.


  1. Install Respondus on your machine.
  2. Close all programs on your machine.
  3. Open your web browser (Chrome, IE, Firefox, etc).
  4. Go to the specific quiz you wish to take and attempt to begin the quiz, like you normally would without Respondus.
  5. Click Launch LockDown Browser (this would normally say Start Quiz here, if the quiz does not require Respondus).
  6. Click Open LockDown Browser, if prompted.
  7. If prompted to close a blocked program (e.g. screen capture, instant messaging), choose Yes when prompted.
  8. Click Start Quiz.
  9. Once a quiz has been started with Respondus LockDown Browser, you cannot exit until the Submit Quiz button is clicked.


 Problems during your quiz in the Respondus Lockdown Browser?

If you experience a problem in your exam, you may use the "Help Center" button from the toolbar in LockDown Browser:

From the Help Center, you will be able to run a webcam check, a system check, or access the Respondus LockDown Browser Knowledge Base.

  1. Select "Run Webcam Check" to ensure the webcam is working properly. (This step can be skipped if the you aren't required to record during an exam with a webcam.)
  2. Return to the main screen in Help Center and select the option "Run System Check".
  3. When the System Check is complete, a set of images will appear across the top of the screen. A green mark indicates that the item meets the system requirements; a red X may indicate a problem for that item.
  4. Scroll downward to see detailed results of the network and system check, including bandwidth and latency tests, OS information, a list of applications that are running, etc.
  5. Select "Email results" to send the System Check results to the ITS Help Desk (

  6. The ITS Help Desk can review the results that were sent by email. You will receive a copy of the email, as well.
  7. If the issue cannot be resolved by the ITS Help Desk, it may be escalated to Respondus Support.

ITS Help Desk

(850) 474-2075