This page details instructions on how students can apply to additional scholarships through the UWF Scholarship Portal. The Scholarship Portal contains numerous awards from various departments across campus, as well as opportunities from vetted private entities. 

Note: Students must be admitted and accept their UWF Admissions Offer before they can apply in the Portal.

The General Application is the first application students can submit in the Scholarship Portal. By submitting a General Application, a student's academic record is automatically linked to certain awards for review and consideration. For example, if an award requires a student to have at least a 3.0 GPA and be in the English program, his or her record will automatically link to such an award after submitting the General Application if they meet these requirements. Reviewers will then be able to review the student as a candidate.

A General Application can be submitted by completing the following steps:

Step 1) log into MyUWF and search "UWF Scholarship Portal" in the searchbar and open the app:

searching for 'UWF Scholarship Portal' app

2) Once within the portal, answer all required fields and provide additional information as you feel fit.

various fields of application

Step 3) After you have submitted all required information and have provided additional information to your liking, be sure to press the "Finish and Submit" button. You can return to the application later if you save it, and after you submit it.

'Finish and Submit' button

After submitting a General Application, you may leave the Scholarship Portal or continue on to apply to additional opportunities. You may also come back to your General Application and edit your responses, even after it has been submitted.

Applying to additional opportunities within the Scholarship Portal

After a student submits a General Application, he or she can then manually apply to additional opportunities. These awards typically require additional information, such as letters of recommendation, résumés , certificates, etc.

Step 1) Hover your mouse over the "opportunities" tab. Doing so will bring up tabs to view other opportunities, such as those through departments on campus (Ours) and private, outside scholarships (External). In this example, "Ours" is selected.

'Opportunities' tab

Step 2). Once in either tab, a student can then search for additional opportunites. In this example, awards related to "chemistry" will be searched for.


Step 3) The search will populate related results. Opportunities with an "Apply" button can be manually applied to.  If an opportunity does not have an "apply" button, then it is an award that can match to a student's record on its own for review.


Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Why can't I find the Scholarship Portal in MyUWF?

This is most likely because your ArgoNet account has not yet been upgraded. You will need to either register for Orientation or for classes before you can upgrade your ArgoNet account.

Question: How do I know if I am awarded?

Some departments may send out communication to award recipients to let them know they have been awarded. Whenever an award is placed on a student's record, they will receive an automated message letting them know their financial aid package has been updated.

Question: What semesters does the Scholarship Portal apply to?

The Scholarship Portal opens every year in November for the next academic year. For example, if the Portal opens in November of 2021, then the scholarships within the Portal will apply for the 2022-2023 Academic Year (Fall 2022 and Spring 2023).

Question: Do I need to complete another application if my grades or test scores change in the middle of a year?

No. The Portal will automatically pull in any updates to your record each night. The only time you need to submit a new application is once a year when a new application opens (usually at the beginning of November).

For additional questions or assistance, please feel free to contact