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Students must meet the minimum academic requirements to remain financial aid eligible.  Students declared ineligible for financial aid on the basis of unsatisfactory academic progress may appeal the decision by completing the Satisfactory Academic Appeal Form.  Go to Satisfactory Academic Progress logo for external link to learn more.


Step 1

Log in to

Step 2

Search for the Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal Form and click the app.

Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal Form app

Step 3

Click the Enter contact information link to add the contact information of your UWF academic advisor.  Your form will automatically be forwarded to your advisor after you e-sign the form.

If you don't know your advisor, go to Identifying your advisor.

Enter contact information link

Step 4

Enter your advisor's information and click the Save icon ().

contact info fields for academic advisor

Step 5

Click the Continue to form button.

Continue to form button

Step 6

Complete all of the required fields and click the Next button.

all fields of the form

Step 7

E-sign the form and click the Sign Electronically button once.

Sign Electronically button

If you've signed the form, then you should see the following confirmation page.

Confirmation page

Next Steps

Your request will automatically be forwarded to your advisor.  Your advisor will complete the Step 4 - Academic Advisor Section of your form.  After this section is completed, your form will automatically be sent to the Financial Aid Office for review.