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This page reviews the process to apply for study abroad at one of the University of West Florida College of Business exchange partners. It also outlines the steps to ensure course credit is accepted by UWF.

How to go Abroad

Determine if you are Eligible to Study Abroad

The College of Business has established guidelines to ensure the success of students during their exchange at one of UWF's partner institutions. 

The minimum requirements to be eligible for an exchange with a COB partner are as follows.

  1. Students must have junior status (successfully completed 60 credit hours) during the exchange semester.
  2. Students must have a 2.5 minimum GPA. Please note that some partner institutions require a higher GPA.
  3. Students must have completed all the COB prerequisites. The list of prerequisites follows:
    • ACG 2021 Principles of Financial Accounting
    • ACG 2071 Principles of Managerial Accounting
    • CGS 2570 Personal Computer Applications
    • ECO 2013 Principles of Economics Macro
    • ECO 2023 Principles of Economics Micro
    • MAC 2233 Calculus with Business Applications
    • STA 2023 Elements of Statistics

     4.  Students must have successfully completed a minimum of 12 credit hours of 3000-4000 level business courses with a minimum grade of a "C."

Find the Study Abroad Program that is right for you 

The College of Business Exchange Partner table lists recommended majors and terms of study available at each exchange partner institution. Students are encouraged to compare programs to find the best fit for academic and financial needs as well as cultural interests.

COB Exchange PartnerFinanceGeneral BusinessMarketingEconomicsAvailable Terms for Exchange
ESSCA School of Management: Angers Finance
Fall, Spring or Academic Year
ESSCA School of Management: Paris 

EconomicsFall, Spring or Academic Year
HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht

Spring or Academic Year
Lingnan UniversityFinanceGeneral BusinessMarketingEconomicsFall, Spring or Academic Year
EM Strasbourg Business School
General Business MarketingEconomicsSpring
Nottingham Trent University

Spring or Academic Year
Zurich University of Applied Sciences Management and Law WinterthurFinanceGeneral Business

Spring or Academic Year
University of Girona

EconomicsSpring or Academic Year
Orebro University
General Business
EconomicsSpring or Academic Year

Meet with the College of Business Director of International Programs  

Students can contact Dr. Nestor Arguea, Director of International Programs at the College of Business, at

Schedule a Study Abroad Advising Appointment

After the student has reviewed the eligibility requirements and available programs, the student makes an appointment to review study abroad program options with a study abroad advisor. Students can make an appointment by calling 850-474-2479 or through the SSC Campus App in MyUWF. 

Apply for Your Selected Program

To apply for a study abroad exchange, students submit the International Exchange Study Abroad Application This form is reviewed by the College of Business to ensure that the selected study abroad program is a good academic fit for the degree plan.

Schedule a Study Abroad Advising Appointment 

A study abroad advisor will contact the student to schedule a follow up appointment once the application has been approved. The study abroad advisor will review the process to apply to the chosen partner institution and discuss available options. 

Pick your Courses for Study Abroad 

COB Exchange PartnerCourse OfferingsAvailable Terms
ESSCA School of Management: Angers, Spring or Academic Year
ESSCA School of Management: Paris, Spring or Academic Year
HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht or Academic Year
Lingnan University, Spring or Academic Year
EM Strasbourg School of Business
Nottingham Trent University or Academic Year
Zurich University of Applied Sciences Management and Law Winterthur or Academic Year
University of Girona or Academic Year
Orebro University or Academic Year

Complete the Study Abroad Learning Agreement 

Once courses have been approved by Dr. Arguea, International Programs creates a learning agreement for the student's study abroad program. The learning agreement outlines the courses which have been approved for the study abroad semester.  The student and academic advisor receive an email to confirm the approved course selection.

Enrollment Certification

Once students arrive at the host institution and enroll in the pre-approved courses, students submit the Enrollment Certification Form. The form is completed by the student and the host institution. A copy of the form must be submitted to UWF International Programs and the Office of the Registrar at UWF.

Final Transcripts

The exchange partner institution will provide a final transcript of courses completed on the study abroad exchange.


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