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Registered UWF students may eligible for GIS related software licenses for instructional and research purposes. Please complete the form located on Jira to request either: a free one-year license of ArcGIS Desktop or a free one-year license for ERDAS Imagine software. Upon approval, an email will be sent to your UWF email account that includes the license code and instructions for software installation on your local machine. Faculty may request access to ArcMap for ArgoApps.

ArcMap 10.x for Desktop Student Trial Software Instructions

Important Note

This is only for ArcMap 10.x. In class you use ArcGIS Pro.

Before you install ArcGIS for Desktop

Check our system requirements to make sure your computer has the hardware and software required for the trial.

Activate your authorization code

  1. Visit to begin the process of activating and downloading your ArcGIS for Desktop Student Trial software.
  2. Log in using your Existing Esri account, or sign-up for a new Esri account, if necessary.
  3. Enter the authorization code and click Activate ArcGIS.
  4. Click the button for the ArcGIS for Desktop software version being activated.

Download and install ArcGIS for Desktop Student Trial

  1. If necessary, download the ArcGIS Uninstall Utility and uninstall previous versions of ArcGIS Desktop or Server.  The software cannot be installed on a computer that has a previous version of ArcGIS for Desktop or ArcGIS for Server installed. It's OK if the computer has ArcGIS Explorer installed.
  2. If necessary, install the Microsoft .NET Framework (version 3.5 Service Pack 1 or higher).
  3. If you are unsure if you have the .NetFramework installed, you can download a .net Version detector from the following site -
  4. Determine the location for the ArcGIS for Desktop software you wish to install and click the Download button.  You can also download the Tutorial Data, if desired.
  5. Double-click ArcGIS_Desktop_10XXXXXXX.exe (Depending on the version you selected, the file extensions may be different) to extract the installation files.
  6. Locate and run Setup.exe to install ArcGIS for Desktop.  The “Complete” installation is recommended.
  7. After the files are installed, the Authorization Wizard will open and prompt you to choose a product to authorize; select “ArcGIS Desktop Advanced (Single Use)” and click continue.
  8. The Authorization Wizard will prompt you for an authorization code; enter your activated code.  Follow the prompts and the software will authorize and be ready for use. 

    Note: leave the default option for the software extensions selected; they will be authorized automatically.


Support for the ArcGIS Desktop Student Trial is available at

ERDAS Imagine Student Trial Software Instructions

Download ERDAS Imagine

  1. Go to
  2. Select Hexagon Geospatial Download Site
  3. Under Browse by Product, select ERDAS Imagine and then View Products
  4. Select the version of ERDAS Imagine you want to download and fill out the Download Registration to begin the download process.
    1. You will need to download the ERDAS Foundation along with ERDAS Imagine.
    2. You must install ERDAS foundation prior to installing ERDAS Imagine. 

Quick Start for Student Licenses

  1. Run the Intergraph License Administrator Tool.
    1. Start>All Programs>Intergraph Licensing>Intergraph License Administration
    2. You must use this tool to display the acceptable Host ID of the machine. Under either the client or server tab, select License Host ID and the following screen will display:
      Intergraph License Administration Host ID
    3. You will use the number in the Composite ID field. Select Copy next to the Host ID you will use.


      The Host ID types listed in this tool match the options available in the License Generation software. Most people will not have an Amazon Cloud EIP (Elastic IP address) or Amazon Cloud IID (Instance ID) address unless they have applied for and received one from Amazon. Select COMPOSITE if you have a COMPOSITE ID displayed. If you use a SafeNet Hardware Dongle as your license key, you will use Vendor Defined Hardware ID and select VENDOR DEFINED as the License type when generating the license.

  2. Locate your License Authentication Code (LAC). This was provided to you by your professor or university and begins with SW. It is critical that the LAC is entered exactly as provided with no preceding spaces.

  3. Select Request License on the Intergraph License Host ID form or go to to generate your run-time license(s).

  4. Use your LAC to login to the license web site.
  5. A page with your license information will display. The student license is entitles "Intergraph U Student License"
  6. Select Claim key.
  7. Enter all required information
    1. For Host Type select the appropriate Host ID type. Likely, you will chose Composite from Step 1b.
    2. Enter the value from Step 1b in Host ID and click OK.
  8. Click Generate License.
  9. The license file will be emailed to you.
    1. Save the license file on your machine. The default extension is .lic and must remain .lic
    2. If you are generating the license on a machine other than where it will reside, select the license and select Email License. You will be able to enter your email address in the space provided. VERY IMPORTANT – DO NOT FORGET TO CLICK SEND! If you do not click Send the license file will never be emailed to you. When the email arrives, save the attached license file in any location on your machine. The default extension is .lic and it must remain .lic

  10. Go to the Intergraph License Administrator tool, select Client, and then select Add Nodelocked License Source

  11. Using the Browse for Folder box, locate the folder containing the license file you just saved and select it.

  12. Your product will now run.


Support for the ERDAS Imagine Student Trial is available at