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This page provides the position description for student facilitators.

Position Details


  1. Work closely with instructor of record to ensure successful conduct of video conferencing course.
  2. Arrive 15 minutes early to make sure classroom doors are unlocked, video conferencing system is connected, and computer presentation is sent from the appropriate location.
  3. Remain in class in case there are any issues during the class period. 
  4. Remain 15 minutes after class ends to either (1) shut down the system, or (2) hand-off the conference to the next instructor and facilitator.
  5. At instructor's request, hand out assignments, collect assignments, and proctor exams at the remote location. (Instructor must be present at one of the locations for the administration of exams.)
  6. In the event issues arise during class time or problems of a technical nature cannot be resolved, facilitator should call the ITS Help Desk at 474-2075 to immediately report issues.