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This page provides instructions and information on sharing content in Blackboard Collaborate Ultra.


Only users with the Presenter or Moderator role can Share Content. Users with the Participant role cannot share content. Ultra works best with the Chrome browser. Ultra works best with a wired Internet connection instead of a wireless connection.

  Always use the Chrome browser for sessions, recordings, and to view recordings. 

Share Content Icon

Presenters and Moderators can choose to share a Whiteboard, Applications, and Files by clicking the Share Content icon in the top right corner of the Ultra main page shown below. 


Share Content Box 

To open the Share Content tool, click the Open Collaborate Panel icon in the bottom right hand corner and then click the Share Content icon.  



Share Blank Whiteboard

Step 1.

Click on the Share Content icon on the main page.

Step 2.

Click on Share Blank Whiteboard.

Step 3.

Click the Stop Sharing link when you are finished sharing the Whiteboard.


Share Application

Step 1.

Click Share Content on the main page.


Step 2.

Click Share Application.

Step 3.

Choose to share your Entire Desktop or and individual item on your Desktop. You can share whatever is on your desktop. You can share an open document, website, software, etc. Once you choose what to share, then click the Share button. 

Step 4.

Click Stop Sharing when you have finished sharing your applications


Share Files

Step 1.

Click the Share Content icon on the main screen.

Step 2.

Click Share Files.

Step 3.

Click the stop Sharing button when you have finished sharing your files.





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