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This page provides an overview of Scopia, a video conferencing tool that can be utilized for web-based meetings and instruction.Moderators and participants can share presentations, documents, and desktops as well as chat. Scopia can be used as a basic video conference, recorded meeting, or live web streaming tool. Below is an overview of how to use Scopia. 

Video Instructions

Scopia Instructions for Students

Step-by-Step Instructions

Scheduling / Reserving a Meeting ID

  1. Go to the Google Calendar and create an appointment on the calendar. 
  2. Click on Rooms and search for Video Conf.
  3. There are sessions available for 5, 10, and 20 seats. Click Add next to the session of your choice. The number associated with the session is the Meeting ID. You will enter this number when you start or join a Scopia session. 

First Time Use of Scopia

Scopia Desktop works best with Internet Explorer. You may need to change your compatibility view settings in Internet Explorer before you access Scopia Desktop. Before your first Scopia Session, you should also verify that the audio and video devices are properly configured. 


Connecting to a Session

  1. Login to MyUWF and search for Scopia.
  2. Click the Scopia app.
  3. Presenters and participants, especially those outside of UWF, can also enter the site at
  4. The screen should automatically open on the Join Meeting tab.
  5. First time users may be required to install an update. If the update does not run, check the pop-up blocker in the top right corner of the page. 
  6. To join or start the session, enter your name and the Meeting ID from the reservation in Google Calendar.  
  7. Click the Participate Now button. 

Recording a Session

  1. Once in the meeting, click on the Moderator tab .
  2. From the Pull down list, Click Start Recording.
  3. Enter your meeting or course description.
  4. Enter your Author PIN. This is a number of your choosing and is required to delete or make changes to the recording once the meeting has ended. 
  5. Enter an Access  PIN. This is a number of your choosing and will be required for participants to view recordings once the meeting has ended. 
  6. Start Recording.

Moderating a Session

From the Moderator button, the Moderator can perform the follow:

  • Invite - phone number, IP address, or SIP address. 
  • Control Camera
  • Mute and unmute participants.
  • Grant Requests to participants.
  • Block Video of specific participants.
  • Disconnect specific participants.
  • Enable Streaming
  • Start / Stop Recording
  • Lock Down Meeting
  • Terminate Meeting
  • DTMF Keypad

Presenting during a Session

During a session, participants can share PowerPoint presentations, documents, and desktop applications. To present: 

  1. Open any presentations, documents, and/or desktop application you wish to share. 
  2. Click the Presentation icon .

  3. Choose Present the entire Desktop or choose specific items to share. 
  4. When you are finished presenting, click the Presentation icon again . This will stop sharing your applications and allow someone else to present. 

Ending a Session

  1. If you are recording a session, Go to the Moderator icon  and choose Stop Recording from the pull down list. 

  2. To exit, click the red button on the top right. 

Viewing a Recorded Session

  1. Go to MyUWF and search for Scopia.
  2. Click the Watch Recording tab.
  3. Search by Meeting ID.
  4. Search by meeting name, course name, or date. 
  5. First time users may be required to install a Scopia input and a Quicktime input. 
  6. If you have installed the updates, you can click the play button located next to the recording. 

Deleting a Recorded Session