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Step 1: 

Log into myUWF using your argonet username and password by going to in an internet browser window (we recommend Google Chrome)

  • If this is your first time logging into myUWF, choose the "Activate your account - New to UWF" link and follow the prompts to activate your argonet account to have access to all of the apps in MyUWF 
  • If you forget your password, choose the "Problems logging in" link and follow the prompts

Log in button         Problems logging in link

Step 2:

Search for Navigate using the search bar at the top. Be sure to "star" it on the top left corner so it's added to your favorites menu for next time. 

Navigate app

Step 3: 

From the student home screen - click on "View Advising/Student Support or Tutoring Availability" from the menu on the right hand side

Step 4: Select what type of appointment you would like to schedule

Choose Academic Advising/Student Support to meet with your academic advisor or other student support office on campus or Select Tutoring or Writing Lab to schedule one of those services. View more information about scheduling Tutoring Services.  

Dropdown for choosing appointment type

Step 5:

Select "Appointment Type" to be shown a list of appointment reasons.

Dropdown for choosing appointment reason

Step 6:

Select the reason why you want to meet with an academic advisor or student support person to be shown availability. 

dropdown for choosing a reason for wanting to meet with someone

Options available to students: 
  • Academic Success Program - students who are part of the Academic Success Program in First Year Advising will be directed to schedule required meetings using this reason.  
  • Anchor Down - For Anchor Down mentoring program students to schedule time to meet with their coach.
  • Athletics Student Support - student athletes who want to meet with the athletics student support coordinator for assistance
  • Change or Declare Major/Minor - if you wish to change or declare your major/minor you must first meet with an academic advisor in the program area you plan to pursue. You will need to select the location/name of the new program on subsequent screens.
  • Drop/Add Week Course Changes - during drop/add week of a semester - your advisor may ask you to use this reason for an appointment. You will receive communication if this is available for your advising location. It is not available outside of the drop/add week time period. 
  • First Year Experience - General - for any students who would like to schedule time to meet with a member of the First Year Experience Team and are not part of the GRIT Pathway or Anchor Down Mentoring program. 
  • General Advising - Most common reason for students to use - choose this one to be directed to an available appointment with your assigned academic advisor(s) to discuss your academic degree plan, course scheduling, course withdrawal, or other issues
  • GRIT Group- GRIT Pathway students should select this option when choosing their monthly meet-up requirement.
  • GRIT Pathways - GRIT Pathway students may be asked to meet individually with their GRIT Coach. If required, you will be directed to schedule an appointment for this service.
  • Immigration Advising - F1 or J1 international students who need to meet with someone from the international center related to their student status
  • Internship - students who want to meet with their academic advisor or an internship coordinator related to internships for a particular program. You will need to select the location/name of the program on subsequent screens. 
  • Minor/Certificate Advising -  if you wish to discuss your minor or certificate, you will need to select the location/name of the appropriate program on subsequent screens.
  • New Transfer Student - New transfer students will be scheduled with their assigned academic advisor to create the first schedule of courses
  • Nursing Application Review/Inquiries - Pre-Nursing (pre-BSN or others) students may meet with the Nursing Admissions Coordinator to review their application or ask questions about admission to the Nursing program. 
  • Nursing Lab Coordinator - Nursing (BSN) students may be required to work with the Nursing Lab Coordinator to work on clinical or skills building exercises. If required, you will be directed to schedule an appointment for this service. No general appointments are available. 
  • Pre-Placement Interview - candidates for the School of Social Work will be invited to schedule an appointment for this service. No general appointments are available. 
  • Registration/Schedule Change - if you wish to specifically discuss registration or a schedule change you will be directed to an available appointment with your assigned academic advisor(s)
  • Study Abroad Advising - interested in studying abroad? Meet with someone from the International Center to discuss your interests. 
Step 7: 

Select the location for the appropriate academic advisor or student support person. Keep in mind that some students may have more than one advisor/student support person on your success team. Choose the location for the program/reason you are seeking assistance for. If you are changing your major, choose the location where your new major can be found. If you are a first year student, or assigned to an academic advisor in First Year Advising you should select First Year Advising even if you are planning to change your major. 

dropdown for available locations

Step 8: 

If offered the option, select the Advisor/Student Support staff person (if you have a preference). Some students may have more than one person available at a location to assist you. If you don't have a preference you can leave that field blank and select "Next" to see all staff appointment availability. If you only have one option, you will not be able to select anything in this field. 

Dropdown for list of available advisorsAny Staff option, for those with only one option, or for those who don't have a preference for who they meet

Step 9: 

Click on any of the blue squares to view details of available appointment times. If there is no availability on the first screen, you may select the arrow at the top to advance to the next week. During peak times you may need to schedule out several days in advance. You may also select "View Walk-in Times" to see if the person has chosen to hold walk-in hours rather than scheduled appointments. Select an available time that you are interested in and select "Next". 

available appointment timesavailable appointment times

Step 10: 

Review the appointment details that you have selected - including the date/time and the location. If you have anything you want your advisor to know ahead of your appointment enter comments in that section. The default appointment settings will send both an email to your UWF address to confirm your appointment as well as a reminder message the day before and a text reminder will be sent to your registered mobile number an hour before your appointment - if you do not wish to receive the reminders, click the button(s) to unselect. You MUST select confirm appointment to actually schedule the appointment. You will receive a confirmation message on the next screen. 

appointment detailsappointment confirmation page