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Although GradesFirst contains a feature that allows students to schedule their own appointments, this feature does not allow different students to schedule for the same appointment slot. To allow multiple students to see the same ACE tutor at the same time, the students need to request appointments instead of scheduling them.


Step 1

Make sure you have the Tutor Manager user role.

Tutors with the Tutor Administrator user role (ACE Coordinator) and the Tutor Manager user role (tutors appointed by the ACE Coordinator) will be responsible for responding student requests.

Step 2

Go to and log in to the ACE Lab account.

The inbox will contain an e-mail similar to the following:

Tutor request email in Gmail box

Step 3

Open the e-mail only if you are about to schedule an appointment for the student.  Leaving the e-mail marked as unread lets the people who check the ACE gmail know 

Make sure a preferred meeting time is listed.

Review Create a link that explains how to decline requests.

preferred meeting time listed

Step 4

Note the student's name, the time the e-mail was sent, and the course the student needs help in.

Step 5

Open a new tab.  Go to  Log in.

New tab button

Step 6

Click the green "Tutors" tab.

New tab button

Step 7

You will see a list of all tutor requests for all UWF tutoring services.  Restrict the list to just the requests sent to the location "Academic Center for Excellence" by clicking the "Sort by location" drop-down menu and selecting "Academic Center for Excellence."

dropdown list for locations

Step 8

Compare the student's name, the date and time of the request, and the course the student needs help in to those in the email in the ACE Lab's Gmail account.  Also, make sure the student selected the location "Academic Center for Excellence."

Step 9

Check the box of the request you want to schedule, and then click the grey "Match Request" button.

checkbox to select request, match request button

Step 10

Tutors who are unavailable will be highlighted red.  Their names will be bold, and their available times will not be shown.

Tutors who are available will not be highlighted red, and their availability will be shown.

If no tutor is available, then you will have to let the student know.  Create a link that explains how to decline requests.

difference between available and unavailable tutors

Step 11

Select the tutor that is available.  A schedule grid should appear below.

NOTE:  Mix up your selections if more than one tutor is available.  Although GradesFirst hides the names of the tutors from you, GradesFirst will still alphabetize the list, while placing the available tutors at the top.

selecting a tutor, viewing the tutor's available schedule

Step 12

Read the student's requested meeting time.  

GradesFirst compares the student's and the tutor's respective schedules.  Conflicts will be colored red.  The times that both the student and tutor are available will be colored green with a checkbox.

Select times that match the student's requested meeting time.

NOTE:  If you cannot find a match between the tutor's and the student's schedules, then delete the request.  Read Create a link that explains how to decline requests.

choosing a date and type for the appointment

Step 13

Make sure "Repeat This Appointment" option reads "Does not repeat."

Click the blue "Save Appointment" button.

Repeat the Appointment dropdown, Save Appointment button

Step 14

Go back to the e-mail request in Gmail and archive the message.