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UWF students residing in the Residence Halls are authorized and assigned a UWF Post Office Box free of charge. These students receive all of their USPS, FedEx and UPS mail and campus mailings in their mailbox.

General Information

Departments desiring to mail official items substantially related to the University’s purpose to the student mailbox holders should separate the mail from other mail that postage will be applied to and must prepare the mail in box order sequence. Departments must also use the complete 5-digit box number.

The mailbox numbers include the following ranges: 32000-32999; 35000-35963; 38000-38299. There are currently 2,264 student mailboxes but not all are in use.

A bulk or mass blanket mailing requires no address for resident students. Call 474-2441 for current mailbox occupant numbers.

Groups, organizations or persons may also send unofficial, non-mission related flyers, bulletins, or other information to the student mailboxes as well. Approval and an official stamp by the Office of University Commons & Student Involvement, building 22, second floor, is required before this type of mail can be distributed.

These mail pieces must be on at least 20# bond paper, bi- or tri-folded, or card stock and of the proper size (minimum - post card size so they can be seen; maximum – 4 ½”H x 3 ½”W x 15 ½”L so they will fit into the mailbox). A mailing can be prepared for all or selected mailboxes. Organizations and departments are required to box this mail themselves with UWF Postal Services’ guidance.

Departments and organizations desiring to send mail to resident student box holders should refer to Campus Mail System, sections on Campus Mail Addressing and Forwarding and Bulk or Mass Campus Mailings, for additional addressing and preparation information.


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