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The page explains how to submit the required documentation in order to extend your Form I-20 from the University of West Florida.

Required documentation includes:

  • International Student Extension Request
  • Proof of Identity and Financial Support for Immigration Form
  • Proof of Health Insurance

For help with this process, please contact International Programs at


Step 1

Log into MyUWF to Access the International Student Extension Request

You must be logged into MyUWF to access the International Student Extension Request Form.

Once logged into MyUWF, Search for "International Student Extension Request."

Click the linked text to open the International Student Extension Request Form.

Input the Name and Email for Your Academic Advisor

Review The Student Information Section of the Form

You will review the student information portion of the form. Name and UWF ID will autofill. 

Advisor Section is Completed by Your Academic Advisor

International Programs Section is complete by an International Programs Advisor

You will sign the form electronically. 

Step 2

Submit the Proof of Identity and Financial Support for Immigration Form

For instructions, please see Submitting Proof of Identity and Financials for the Issuance of Form I-20s and DS-2019s.

Step 3

Submit the Proof of Health Insurance

To extend your I-20, you need to show proof of health insurance through the extension period if the extension falls within the current academic year.

For instructions, please see Maintaining Required Insurance as an F-1 or J-1 Student.

Receive your New I-20 

International Programs will review your documentation and issue a new I-20 with the new program end date.

Please note that it is important to keep all Forms I-20 for your records. You will need them to apply for Optional Practical Training (OPT).


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