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Advanced web developers can request a data source to create dynamic web pages.


Before you begin, please temporarily remove any password you may have on the Microsoft Access database. Otherwise, the system will not be able to verify the creation of the datasource. You may re-apply the password after the datasource is created.

  1. Log into and search for Web Publishing.

  2. In the Working with account drop-down box, select the account for which the Datasource is needed (most people have only one account).

  3. Click on the Manage datasources for <accountname> link.

  4. Enter a name for the Datasource in the Data SOURCE Name field. The name entered will be appended onto your ArgoNet username and separated by an underscore to create the Datasource name.

  5. Enter the name of the Microsoft Access database in the DataBASE Name field. This database must be stored on your Home (H:\) directory in a folder called Database.

  6. Click the Add New DSN button. The Datasource will be created immediately.

To verify that the Datasource has been created, notice the Datasource name listed under the Data Sources section. If there are no problems that exist with the Datasource the name should appear in green.


If the database has not been placed in a folder called Database in your Home (H:\) directory, the following error message will appear: File Not Found (the database file is missing). This indicates that the database cannot be found. The Microsoft Access database must be saved in a database folder in your Home (H:\) directory. This error does not mean that the Data Source was not created, only that the database is not in the proper location.

It is important to copy and paste your database file into the database folder. The windows operating system does not allow permissions to be inherited properly on files that are dragged and dropped into the database folder.

Deleting the database folder destroys the data source permissions. You will need to re-create the data source after re-creating the folder.

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