Here you will find instructions on how to register a PointSolutions Response Card RF (clicker) and license using eLearning.


Students must register their clicker and license using the PointSolutions link in eLearning. Registering your clicker links your clicker Device ID to your student number. Registering your license allows your answers to be recorded in your instructor's reports and in the eLearning Gradebook. 

Step by Step Instructions

Step 1

Login to MyUWF.

Step 2

Once you login to MyUWF, click on the eLearning app.

Step 3

Open one of your eLearning courses. It does not matter which one. 

Step 4

Click on TurningPoint in the navigation bar. 

TurningPoint option

Please note that if TurningPoint is not listed in the eLearning course, you may need to contact the course instructor to make TurningPoint available for the course.

Step 5

Click on Get started here to create your PointSolutions account

Click Get Started Here

Step 6

Type in your full UWF Gmail address and click Next. A confirmation email will be sent to your UWF Gmail account. 

Enter your email address

A confirmation email will be sent to your UWF Gmail account. 

Confirmation of Email Sent

Step 7

Login to your Gmail account and open the email from Turning Technologies.

Step 8

Click the link.

TurningPoint Account Verification button in verification email

Step 9

Fill in the blanks and click the Finish button to create a Turning Account.

create account form and finish button

Step 11

Students must register both the License Code (Subscription) and the Response Device ID. The image below represents the contents of a clicker pack. The handheld clicker and clicker license (subscription) are included. 

handheld clicker and license

Step 12

Redeeming your subscription. If you have your license code, you may enter it into the Subscription Code box by clicking Add Subscription and filling in the code. The license code is located on the card inside your clicker box as shown. Once you have entered the License Code, click Continue.

If you do not have a License / Subscription code, you can purchase one when your registration is complete. 

clicker license with license codeAdd a Subscription optionfield for subscription code

Step 14

Registering your Device. To register your handheld clicker, you will enter the six-digit Device ID located on the back of your clicker and then click Add. You can also access this at any time by clicking on Add a Clicker

If you do not have a clicker, you can purchase one after your finish registering.  

six-digit Device ID located on the back of your clicker field for clicker id

Step 16

You will also need to make sure you are connected to Canvas. A green checkmark should appear under Learning Management System.

green checkmark confirming successful connection to Canvas


At the top of the PointSolutions page you will see if any items need your attention. Once all items have a green checkmark you have successfully redeemed your subscription, registered your response device (if needed) and connected your account with Canvas. 

green checkmarks for successfully redeeming your subscription, registering your response device (if needed), and connecting your account with Canvas

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