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Thousands of publisher test banks are available in Respondus format (free to instructors who adopt a participating textbook).

  1. On the Start menu in Respondus, select the Test Bank Network button.
  2. The first option, “Search for a publisher test bank” will open a browser window and enable you to search for the textbook adopted for your course.
  3. For the textbook selected, click “More Information” and submit the request form for the test bank.
  4. The publisher receives the request and will send you the File Code and Password via email within 1-3 days.
  5. When the File Code and Password is received, start Respondus and return to the Test Bank Network wizard.
  6. Select the second option, “Register a test bank using a file code and password”.
  7. Enter the File Code and File Password (if required) provided by the publisher, along with the information requested. This will register the test bank with this copy of Respondus. It won’t be necessary to repeat the process again on this computer.
  8. Once the test bank is registered, select the third option on the Test Bank Network wizard, “Select questions from one of the following publisher test banks”.
  9. Questions can now be copied from the test bank to the currently open Respondus file.