UWF Parking Services is one of many university auxiliary operations that receives no direct funding from students' tuition, the university, or the State of Florida. As such, this program is largely funded and operates through permits purchased by students, faculty, and staff who choose to park on campus. Major uses of parking funds include parking lot maintenance and construction, crosswalk upgrades for safety, trolley/bus shelters, and operation and enforcement of parking lots in accordance with UWF's parking rules and regulations.

All students, faculty, and staff are required to purchase a parking permit. You can buy a permit for the semester or for the year. Fees for permits change year to year. You can purchase either a hangtag or a decal. 

Permits must be purchased online. Students and employees should log into My UWF and search for the "Parking Transaction Portal" app, which will lead to the parking E-Business site. Payment options include debit/credit cards and E-checks, and employees who qualify for a faculty/staff permit may purchase their permit through payroll deduction (deducted in 4 consecutive pay period payments).The E-Business site will list the permits available to you, the purchaser, based on your specific classification data. The site will list prices and permit expiration dates, and will allow for receipt printing.

Please review the UWF Reg 5.001 Parking and Registration regulations and the UWF Parking Maps (click on link and then scroll to the bottom of page).


Step 1

Log on to My.UWF.edu.  Your MyUWF Desktop should appear.

Step 2

Locate the search bar across the top of the window.  Type "Parking Permits, Citations, and Appeals" and click the 'Search" button.

Click the "Parking Permits, Citations, and Appeals" app.

search bar

Step 3

Click the 'UWF Login" button if you are a current student or staff member with the university.

UWF Login button

Step 4

Click on the "Get Permits" link.

Get Permits button

Step 5

Read the introduction to purchasing a permit, about the types of permits, and about the Free 14-day Temporary Permit. Click the "Next" button.

Next button

Step 6

Select the permit you wish to purchase.  Please keep in mind that you may not be able to purchase certain permits because of your classification (e.g., students cannot purchase faculty/staff permits) and because of time constraints (e.g., permits for the spring semester may not be purchased before December).

Read the Permit Agreement (3 statements by checkboxes at bottom of page). Click the 3 checkboxes only if you agree to agree to and understand the parking rules and regulations.

Click the "Next" button.

Select Your Permit and Complete Permit Agreement

Step 7

Click the checkbox to select the vehicle for your permit, and then click the "Next" button.

*A vehicle will not appear for you if you have not previously purchased a permit from this website. If this is the case, click the "Add Vehicle" button. Complete the fields and click the "Next" button.  After completing the fields and clicking the button, you should see what is pictured in Step 9, the page titled "Select your Vehicles for Permit."  Click the checkbox to select the vehicle for your permit, and then click the "Next" button.

Select your vehicles for permit

Step 8

Click the drop-down menu to select a delivery option.  You may:

(1) Select your home address to have your permit mailed to you.  You will have to verify this delivery option by clicking the "Next" button a second time.

(2) Select "Pick up my permit from Parking Services located in Building 91.  You will have to verify this delivery option by clicking the "Next" button a second time. 

(3) Click the "Add" button to mail to another address. If you choose to add a new address, you will have to complete the following fields and click the "Next" button.  You will then be asked to click the "next" button to confirm the new delivery address.

delivery options

Step 9

Select your payment method, verify your e-mail address (so that you can receive your receipt), and click the "Pay Now" button.  You will be redirected to the UWF CashNet site so that you can enter your credit/debit card or E-Check information, if applicable. If you are an employee and selected Payroll Deduction, you will not be directed to the UWF CashNet site.

payment method dropdown

Step 10

Verify your purchase and click on the "Checkout" button.

Checkout button

Step 11

Enter your debit/credit card, checking information (electronic check; no convenience fee), or select payroll deduction (if applicable) to finish purchasing your permit.

method of payment