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This page provides instructions on purchasing a TurningPoint license using eLearning.


The TurningPoint License is required for all students who use TurningPoint whether they are using the handheld clicker or the ResponseWare App. The TurningPoint License ensures that student responses are collected in the instructor reports. Without a TurningPoint License, students will be listed as "Inactive" during class session. Students can purchase a clicker, a clicker pack, and a TurningPoint license using the TurningPoint link in eLearning. 

Step 1

Go to

Step 2

Click on the eLearning app.

Step 3

Click on an eLearning course.

Step 5

Click TurningPoint in the eLearning navigation bar. 

TurningPoint option

Step 7

Sign in to your Turning Account. If you do not have a Turning Account, you will need to create one at this time. For more information on creating a Turning Account, see Registering a clicker and license using eLearning for Students.

sign in button

Step 8

After following Steps 1-6 above, your Turning Account Profile will open. To purchase a Subscription / License, Click the Purchase Subscription box as indicated below.  

purchase subscription button

Step 9

Inside the store page, you can purchase a clicker bundle which includes a handheld clicker and a five year license. You can also purchase just a one year license or one semester license. 

items available for purchase