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Students can purchase a Turning Point Subscription and handheld clicker using the Turning Point link in eLearning. Students can also purchase a clicker pack with subscription and clicker form the UWF Bookstore on campus. 

Turning Point Subscription

A Turning Point Subscription is required. 

Step 1

Go to

Step 2

Click on the eLearning app.

Step 3

Click on an eLearning course.

Step 4

Click the Assessments tab in the eLearning navigation bar. 

assessment drop down

Step 5

Click on the Turning Point Cloud link in the pull down list. 

turning point cloud

Step 6

Sign in to your Turning Account. If you do not have a Turning Account, you will need to create one at this time. For more information on creating a Turning Account, see Registering a clicker and license using eLearning for Students.

signing in to turning account

Step 7

Under the Profile tab, click Purchase a Subscription. The subscription is required in order for your clicker responses to be recorded in your instructors eLearning Gradebook. 

purchase subscription button

Step 8

To purchase a handheld clicker device, click the Purchase Clicker.

purchase clicker button