Once you have created your questions or imported using the standard format, you can publish the file directly to your eLearning course. The Publish to Canvas wizard is available from the Preview & Publish menu and it guides a user through the steps of publishing a quiz to the Canvas server. You must already have a Canvas account and password in order to use this task. In addition, it is helpful to understand the basic approach used by Canvas to create an online quiz.

Publish to Canvas option'

The first step requires that information be entered about the Canvas server and the user account. (This information can be stored for future use, enabling this step to be bypassed after the initial setup.) Click on the blue Publish to Canvas link, From the Canvas Server list, select “Add New Server.” A window will open. 

My Canvas Server dropdown menu

The Campus-wide version of Respondus will offer to check whether “Preconfigured Server Settings” are available for your institution. Preconfigured Server Settings are not available and you will need to enter in the information as outlined in the instructions below.

Canvas Server settings

  1. As instructed on the screen, open a web browser and login to your Canvas course. Select a course and then copy the complete URL for this page and paste it in the field provided. (The easiest way to copy a URL displayed by a browser is to highlight it with a mouse, click the right mouse button, and select "copy". 
  2. Then go to the appropriate field in Respondus, click the right button again and select "paste".) 
  3. Upon clicking the "Extract" button, Respondus will fill in the server connection URL. 
  4. Now provide a short description for the Canvas server. The server can be called anything you like, such as "My Canvas courses." 
  5. Enter an instructor-level User Name and Password. This information should be the same as what is entered when using a web browser to access the Canvas course. If you want Respondus to remember the User Name and Password for future sessions, select the "Remember my User Name..." setting. 
  6. Click [OK] to close the Server Information window. 
  7. Before clicking [Next], be sure you are connected to the Internet. If using a mobile wireless or dial-up connection, go ahead and connect to the Internet now. 
  8. Click [Next] to continue. You will be presented an opportunity to login using your Argonet credentials and you must "Authorize" access to your account. 
  9. If the connection is successful, the next page of the wizard will appear. If the connection is unsuccessful, an error message will indicate that Respondus was unable to connect to the server using the provided settings. If this occurs, troubleshoot it as follows:
    • Make sure your connection to the Internet is working properly.
    • Double-check the instructor-level Password and User ID information. In fact, open a browser, go to the Canvas server, and enter the identical login information. This will confirm that the Canvas server is running and that the User ID and Password are correct.
    • Make sure you are running the latest version of Respondus (go to Help>Check for Update to see if a more current version is available).

On the next page of the wizard, you are prompted to select a Graded Quiz or a Question Bank. Now decide whether to create or replace a quiz or question group that already exists in the Canvas course. To create a new quiz, select that option and enter a name for the quiz. To replace an existing quiz (or question group), click the "Replace" option. 

Assessment Type, and Server Action and Item Name options

Additional options can be selected at this point.

Choosing an area to publish to

Settings can be applied as can question groups. Click [Next] and Respondus will begin publishing the quiz and settings to the Canvas course. A status report appears during the publishing process. For a typical quiz, the publishing process takes 20-40 seconds. This can increase to several minutes or more if a large number of media files are being uploaded or if the server connection is particularly slow. You will know that the publish process is complete when the phrase "Completed successfully" appears in the "status" window.

Status window

After a quiz is published to Canvas, it is recommended that you go to the course and confirm that everything appears as expected then do the final “Publish Quiz” in the course so quiz is available to the students.

Quiz in Canvas

Download the Respondus 4.0 User Guide - Canvas for more detailed instructions.