Important Note: All tests will occur at an assigned time period United States Central Time Zone (US CST).  If a student is located in a different time zone, they are responsible for taking the test at the appropriate time based on US CST.

Students who live within 50 miles of the UWF or EC campus are encouraged to take the exams face-to-face in the classroom as scheduled by the instructor. As an alternative to face-to-face exams, faculty may elect one or more other proctoring options. Check your course syllabus as soon as you can access your online course. The need to take proctored exams and your exam dates should be contained there. If the instructor requires no exams, that should be clearly stated. If you cannot make a determination from the syllabus, contact your instructor immediately for an answer.

Proctored Exam Options

At UWF, the faculty member may require any one or more of the following choices for completing proctored exams. Check with your instructor or see the syllabus for details.

Option 1: On-Campus Classroom:

  1. Your instructor may arrange for and schedule a classroom at UWF where students come to take the exam while the course instructor or assistant proctors.
  2. Check with your instructor.

Option 2: Off-Campus Approved Proctor:

  1. Faculty may request that students arrange for an exam proctor using the UWF proctor guidelines:
  2. Provide a completed Proctor Approval Form to your instructor
  3. Note: Most proctoring centers charge a fee

Option 3: ProctorU - an online proctoring service. (ProctorU - How it Works)

  1. This option is for online exams only, not paper and pencil exams.
  2. You cannot use this option if your instructor has not scheduled the exam with ProctorU.

Option 4: Respondus Monitor and/or Lockdown Browser:

  1. The faculty member may require students to take the exam online through eLearning, and use the Respondus Monitor and LockDown Browser online services. These services are used to protect the integrity of online exams without using a live proctor.
  2. Students use their own computer and a webcam to record exam sessions, all without leaving eLearning. Students are unable to print, email, or browse websites during the exam.
  3. Students do not need to schedule exams in advance, nor are they required to pay any fee.
  4. Faculty can later choose to review details of the exam or the entire exam session.

Option 5: UWF Student Accessibility Resources & Testing Services:

NOTE: Beginning Fall 2022 Testing Services only proctors exams for students with documented disabilities, and who are registered with Student Accessibility Resources. Students and/or faculty with questions about this or other SAR services should contact the SAR (phone: 850-474-2387; email:

  1. Call for hours and to schedule your appointment at 850.473.7340.

  2. Contact your instructor/responsible party to inform him/her that your appointment has been scheduled and request that a copy of your exam and proctoring instructions be sent to If we do not receive a copy of the exam and proctoring instructions at least 2 hours prior to the scheduled appointment, your appointment may need to be rescheduled. 

  3. On the day of the exam, bring a photo ID (i.e. Nautilus Card, Driver's License) with you to Testing Services. Please plan to arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment to allow for check-in procedures.