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UWF Postal Services operates a full-service U.S. Post Office in the University Commons (Bldg. 22).


The Post Office is open from 7:45 AM to 4:00 PM Monday through Friday. It is closed on Saturday, Sunday and UWF observed holidays. Students may also pickup packages at the Post Office on Saturdays from 7:30 to 11:00 AM. To pick up packages before the Commons opens at 10 a.m. on Saturdays, resident students may push the buzzer for assistance at the loading dock in back of the building. The Post Office lobby is accessible for supplies, student mailboxes and the stamp vending machine during all University Commons operational hours.


  • Postage Sales: Cash, check, postal money orders and Nautilus Card accepted. Stamp Sales (Singles, books, all varieties, commemoratives, etc.)
  • Money Orders (domestic and international - Cash Only)
  • Parcel Mailing
  • Priority Express Mail (Overnight Mailing and International Express) Priority Mail (2-3 day Mailing and International Priority Mail) First Class Mail
  • International Mail
  • Certified, Registered, Insured, Return Receipt, COD, USPS Tracking service Mail Drops (10 on Campus)
  • Priority Express, Priority and Flat Rate boxes and envelopes
  • Package Wrap Assistance (tape, paper, and scissors)
  • Passport information – link on website  
  • Resident Student Services including: Mailboxes, Package Pickup, Mail Forwarding, and Postal Change of Address Service
  • Stamp Vending Machine: A coin-operated postage stamp vending machine is provided in the Post Office lobby for customer convenience during all operational and non-operational hours.  The lobby is accessible during all University Commons operational hours.
  • Stamps-By-Campus-Mail: A convenient, quick and easy method of buying any type of stamps, books of stamps, special or collectible stamps or any products that the Post Office carries is to use the Stamps-By-Campus-Mail service offered by the UWF Post Office. Send a completed and signed form with a check or Nautilus Card number to the Manager, Postal Services and your order will be filled and put back in Campus Mail the same day as received. Stamps-By-Campus-Mail (forms can be downloaded from the UWF Postal Services web site or via MyUWF > Postal Services Forms link for departments.
  • Comment Forms are available in the UWF Post Office lobby. Please use these forms to provide input about the service you receive and suggestions for improvement. All comments will be reviewed for appropriate action.


    • Post Office:The University of West Florida Community Post Office was contracted by the U.S. Postal Service on August 11, 1967 to provide postal services including the sale of stamp supplies, the transaction of money order business and the acceptance, delivery and dispatch of ordinary, registered, insured, certified and C.O.D mail. Today a modern, full service Post Office is established in the University Commons. 
    • Student Mail:  All USPS, FedEx and UPS mail and parcels for UWF students are received, sorted, and placed in assigned mail boxes or are available for pickup by 10:00 AM daily, Mon-Sat. Student mailbox assignment, mail forwarding and address changes are also handled by UWF Postal Services.  
    • Mail Sorting and Processing:The Postal Services staff receives USPS mail, interdepartmental campus mail, and UWF Courier mail for students, departments, staff and faculty, and uses the Postal Services sorting policies, procedures and system to breakdown mail for further distribution to addressees. FedEx and UPS mail is delivered by those services directly to departmental locations. See Campus Mail and Courier Services for more details. Outgoing University mail for input into the U.S. Postal Service system is weighed, metered, sorted, trayed/sacked, labeled and dispatched daily by UWF Postal Services. Records are kept for departmental charges monthly. 
    • Campus Mail:Interdepartmental, or Campus Mail, is picked up and delivered to most all on-campus departments once per day.  
    • Marketing (Bulk) Mail:For UWF departments, Postal Services accepts, addresses, verifies, weighs, trays/sacks, labels, straps and dispatches qualifying manually prepared Marketing and First Class presort mail. Rates are calculated, appropriate forms prepared and departments charged. 
    • Courier Service: The UWF Courier serves off campus locations, downtown Pensacola, and Emerald Coast Campus in Fort Walton Beach on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 

    If you need assistance, please call us at 850-474-2436.

U.S. Postal Service and Mail Collection Schedule

The U.S. Postal Service picks up and delivers mail at UWF at 7:30 AM and at 3:45 PM daily, Monday through Friday and on Saturday at 7:30 AM. All mail that is ready for dispatch will be placed on the mail truck at these times for entry into the mail stream.

UWF Postal Services will collect mail in the U.S. Mail collection boxes on campus at 3:00 PM Monday through Friday for pickup by the USPS at the above times. These collection boxes are located in the Post Office Lobby, Village East and West apartments parking lots, Pace Hall, Argo Hall, Heritage/Presidents Hall, Martin Hall, WUWF Radio (parking lot B), and near College of Business, Building 74, and Foundation, Building 12.

UWF Postal Services must receive departmental Mail requiring processing by 3:00 PM Monday through Friday in order to be postmarked and processed in time for pickup by the USPS Mail truck on the same day.

Personal Mail Policy

Personal mail that is sealed and stamped may be deposited in the Post Office lobby and the blue U.S. Mail collection boxes. Outgoing sealed and stamped personal mail may also be placed in departmental or campus mail pickup locations and will be entered into the U.S. Postal Service mail stream and postmarked the same business day collected. However, UWF Postal Services cannot be held responsible for personal mail placed in Campus Mail. Preprinted UWF envelopes should not be used for personal mail. Also, the University’s return address should not be used on personal mail.

University staff and faculty are not authorized to receive personal mail or parcels at the University through UWF Postal Services. UWF Postal Services personnel are State of Florida, not U.S. Postal Service, employees. UWF staff and faculty employees must give correspondents a home or other off-campus address for their personal mail. Personal mail received by UWF Postal Services will be held at the Post Office for personal pickup or returned to the sender if the problem persists. The UWF Campus Mail System may not be used to send personal mail to other employees. 

UWF Postal Services operates under the Federal Private Express Statutes and State guidelines. Therefore, only official UWF mail is authorized to be placed into the Campus Mail system. Campus Mail may not be used for delivery or exchange of mail that is considered for private use or personal advantage. Greeting cards to individuals, personal notes or letters, personal party invitations and announcements, gifts, solicitations, advertisements or commercial mail etc. are not authorized.

Religious, political or chain letters, or offensive material is prohibited and may not be sent using Campus Mail. Mail, which appears to violate these rules, will be returned to the sender’s department.

Personal sealed and stamped letters may be placed in Campus Mail for same day postmark and placement into the U.S. Postal Service mail stream.  Return parcels, personal or official) that are prepaid for USPS, UPS and FedEx can be dropped off at the UWF Post Office for the respective drivers to pick up, however, UWF Postal Services is not responsible for these items.


UWF Postal Services offers workshops periodically to provide information and guidance concerning mailing requirements, procedures, rules, regulations and tips for addressing mail and saving money. This training is conducted and scheduled through the Office of Human Resources’ Staff Development and Training Program. Check the monthly OHR Professional Development Reservation Desk via MyUWF.

Additionally, assistance and consultation is provided upon request anytime there is a departmental need. Call 474-2436 for information.

Departmental Responsibilities

UWF departments and mailers are responsible for budgeting and accounting for postage expenses, preparing mail in accordance with USPS rules and regulations and this Postal Guide, addressing mail correctly and submitting mail with the properly completed UWF Postal Charge Memo. Mail must be properly addressed and the return address must include the department/office name. Organizations and departments should use this guide for preparing all mail and follow the procedures outlined.

They are also responsible for informing all departmental employees about essential things they need to know about mail rules and requirements. Each department should also designate someone as an authorized agent to sign for accountable mail for their department and staff.

Departments changing locations or wishing to change mail pickup and delivery areas should coordinate with UWF Postal Services before changes are made in order to insure a smooth transition. If employees leave, transfer or change locations UWF Postal Services must be notified at 474-2436.

Additionally, departments are responsible for determining the disposition of mail for employees who have moved or transferred, and advising the employee to notify potential mailers of their new address. New employees should be advised not to have personal mail sent to the University address.

Returning and forwarding First Class mail. Strike through or cover the University’s address (with label or marker), but not the individual’s name. Write “return to sender” with a reason, or “forward to” and the new address on the mail. Also mark out the barcodes on the front and back with a black marker.

Marketing, nonprofit or bulk mail without endorsements cannot be forwarded or returned.

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