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Pearson's MyLab & Mastering for Canvas delivers a robust course experience for you and your students. This page covers how to integrate Pearson MyLab with your eLearning course.


  • Seamless, single sign-on access from your Canvas course to MyLab & Mastering including assignments, study plan, eText, and results
  • Direct links to MyLab & Mastering from anywhere within your Canvas course
  • Grade transfer from MyLab & Mastering into the Canvas gradebook
  • Grade synchronization will be available for Fall 2014 classes!

MyLab & Mastering, Pearson's leading online learning products, are now seamlessly integrated with Canvas, a leading learning management system. This integration delivers streamlined access to your customizable content and highly personalized study paths, responsive learning tools, and real-time evaluation and diagnostics within the context of Canvas. Instructors and students can link their Canvas and Pearson accounts to enable single sign-on to MyLab & Mastering from within their Canvas course. Students can now spend more time learning and less time managing their course access. Effective and engaging courses provide instructional materials when and where students need them. Instructors can create direct links to MyLab & Mastering from anywhere within their Canvas course. Flexible grade transfer capabilities allow the instructor to control exactly which MyLab & Mastering grades should be transferred to the Canvas Gradebook. 

Getting Started

Contact your Pearson representative to find out if your specific MyLab or Mastering course is available, and to request a Pearson account if you need one. Find your Pearson Rep.  

Visit Pearson's LMS Integration Services website and select Canvas. Choose your MyLab or Mastering product.  On the next page, scroll down and you’ll see an instructor’s Training Guide and link to How-To Videos.  You’ll also see links to student registration PDF, Word doc and video.  These resources are different because the MyLab platform is different from the Mastering platform.  And some of the MyLabs are different from others. 

Get Trained

Get Your Students Started

Get your students up and running quickly with a brief Get Started lesson on the first day of class. The following materials were prepared for your convenience.  Click on each image to access the resource.

Handout logoVideo logo

You may also want to link to the Get Started Student Help Website

For those who do not link to Canvas

Visit any MyLab page ( ,, etc) and click on Training and Support from the Educator section on the lower left to see Training documentation and How-To Videos.