This page provides information on the Oracle campus-wide license and instructions on obtain the software and utilize the license. The campus Oracle license agreement provides students, faculty, and staff access to Oracle software. Licensed products include Oracle Database Enterprise Edition, Active Data Guard, Oracle Diagnostics, Oracle Tuning, and Oracle Internet Application Server (iAS).

Overview of the UWF Oracle Campus License

UWF's Oracle Campus License allows use of the Oracle software by all enrolled students and employed faculty and staff of the University. The campus license includes these software components:

Oracle Database Enterprise Edition provides database management software with added features for enhancing performance, scalability, and security for enterprise-level applications. For more information, see Oracle Database Enterprise Edition.

Oracle Diagnostics Pack includes tools to automate comprehensive system performance monitoring, diagnostics, and notification. For more information, see Oracle Diagnostics Pack (PDF).

Oracle Tuning Pack provides tools to automate complex and time-consuming application tuning and optimization tasks. For more information, see Oracle Tuning Pack (PDF).

 The Tuning Pack includes the following features:

  •  SQL Access Advisor
  •  SQL Tuning Advisor
  •  SQL Tuning Sets
  •  Reorganize objects

Oracle Internet Application Server (iAS) is a suite of products that manages applications, portals, and Web sites at the enterprise level. For more information, see Oracle Application Server Enterprise Edition.

Downloading the Oracle Campus License Software

Downloading the Oracle Campus License Software