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“Online Rooms“ has the same functionality as Blackboard Collaborate; however, the Online Rooms resource exists only within eLearning.

Online Room sessions are created within eLearning.  Access (for students and the instructor) is ONLY through the eLearning course within which the Online Room was created.

Recorded sessions (Archives) are accessible ONLY through the eLearning course within which the Online Room was created.

Once inside a Collaborate session created in eLearning (an Online Room), the functionality is the same.

See:  Reference Guides for Collaborate Tools

Access Online Rooms

You will access online rooms from the Communication drop-down menu.

Online Rooms link







To create a new Online Room:

1. Click the New Room button

Create New Online Room button

Within the New Room page complete the following fields:

2. Name: Enter a name for the Online Room session in this field.

3. Description (Optional): Type a description within the Description field. This is helpful if you want to convey what the session will cover both for the live session and for later access in the Archive.

4. Room Visibility: Selecting Restricted Room restricts access to the Room and its archives to only those that are invited, while choosing Public Room allows anybody enrolled in the D2L course site access to the Room and its archives.

5. Availability: Use the Start/End Date and Time options to restrict access to the Online Room.

settings for new room


6. Advanced Properties (Optional): Clicking the Show Advanced Properties link opens up the following options

  • Attendees raise their hand on entry: All attendees entering the room automatically raise their hand, producing an audible notification.
  • All attendees join as Moderators: All attendees will join the room with the Moderator role.
  • Participants have unrestricted access to resources: Grants participants unrestricted access to use resources such as chat, audio (microphone), and the whiteboard.
  • Moderators can view all private chats: Enables moderators to view all private chat messages in the room.
  • Early Room Entry (in minutes): Use to specify how many minutes before a Start Time an individual may join the room.
  • Archive Mode: Use to specify whether a D2L session should be recorded and archived Manually, Automatically, or not at all (Disabled).

New Online Room Advanced Properties













7. Email Notification (Optional): Check the Send email notification to all attendees who are configured to receive email box if you would like to have an automated message, containing the details of the Online Room meeting, sent to all course participants who receive notifications to their email.

8. Attendees: If you are using the Restricted Room option above, and/or if you need to invite external participants, click Add Attendees to invite them to the Online Room meeting. 

9. When finished click the Save button to save the Online Room settings and close the window OR click the Save and Join button to save the Online Room settings and joining the Online Room.

New Online Room Advanced Properties