This procedure explains the steps a person must complete to become a "Certified Knowledge Worker" (CKW). Effective immediately, all new employees are expected to complete this new certification prior to being granted initial access.

Some of the Systems and Services requiring Knowledge Worker Certification

  • create and send messages in Message Composer
  • view and update information in Banner *
  • Tableau access
  • Banner Security Request * form
  • Confluence access to create a personal space
  • Groups app in MyUWF
  • use Duo to Remote Desktop to UWF workstations*

* requires manual intervention to enforce


Step 1

Search for "SCOOP"  in MyUWF, and click on the link.  You should see the "Knowledge Worker" certification under "Roles and Certifications".  

FAQ: The CKW training is only available to individuals who have been "claimed" by a department. If you don't see this section, please contact your DISRep and ask them to claim you for your department.

Step 2

Proceed with each module in the order listed.  

Knowledge Worker links in SCOOP

Step 3

As you complete a section, a checkmark will appear on SCOOP. (It may be up to an hour after you’ve completed the module.) Once all 4 of the requirements are met, the certificate icon will change colors from gray to blue and green.  In addition, the role "Certified Knowledge Worker" will appear below the certification information.  Once that happens, you're all set!  The Guide icon next to the role will take you to the CKW Guide, which will be a handy reference for you throughout your career at UWF.

Step 4

Your certification will remain valid for one year after completion. Each year the Certified Knowledge Worker Annual Refresher course must be completed in order to maintain your certification.

Step 5

After completion, you will receive a Duo Enrollment email to your employee email account. Duo will allow you to use Remote Desktop to connect to a computer on campus. Visit Activating Duo Two-Factor Authentication for detailed instructions on setting up your account. Please note that Duo Enrollment emails are delivered after 7pm daily.


Your access to systems will be removed, and you will be unable to perform job duties that require this access.  

It is recommended you set aside at least an hour and a half to complete all components of the training if you intend to do it all at once. You may choose to just do one module at a time if you prefer. (Your certification will be reflected as "Partially Complete" on SCOOP until all sections are finished.)  We strongly recommend completing the skills assessment in one session.

You need a computer or laptop with access to the Internet.  The online training modules have videos, so headphones or speakers are required.

The quiz is designed to transfer important knowledge to you, not stump you and make you retake it. You will have to get the right answer before you proceed to the next question, but don't worry, you will be helped along the way.  

Each employee must sign in and take the online modules and quiz individually to get the credit, so no group training sessions are provided.  Offices may find value in having employees work on the certification at the same time, however. Internal discussions with staff about the material may provoke changes to internal processes.

The only browsers that we've found to be incompatible for parts of the training are Safari, Internet Explorer (IE) and Edge. Chrome is suggested.
You can revisit the modules and the quiz if you like. There is also a CKW Guide available to you that provides access to many of the ideas you learned, FERPA tips and do’s and don’ts, and procedures to follow as a knowledge worker at UWF.  Visit your SCOOP page and click on the Guide Icon to get there.

The requirement to have a Certified Knowledge Worker program has been in discussions since December 2015, when Dr. Saunders declared 2016 the "Year of Security". The ideas have been presented in the following venues:

  • January 5, 2016 - Provost's Council

  • January 6, 2016 - InfoSys Team meeting

  • February 8, 2016 - Extended Cabinet

  • February 11, 2016 - Student Affairs leadership

  • February 16, 2016 - Risk and Compliance Council

  • May 24, 2016 - Academic Affairs Communication Council

  • August 16, 2016 - Fall Faculty Forum

In addition, in late February 2016, the University of West Florida Information Security and Privacy Policy  was submitted by the Office of the General Counsel to the university community for a 30-day comment period. In that policy, adopted March 21, 2016, it states:

"Each unit must train its employees on the requirements to safeguard protected or private information. This training should occur prior to employee access of protected or private information or as required by legislation or contractual obligation."

It also states:

“UWF will make available to...the university in general, standardized information privacy training.  This training will provide appropriate privacy training for all Faculty, Staff and students.”

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