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Canvas alerts users (normally instructors) about administrative changes.  These changes include when the instructors:

  • are enrolled in course
  • generate reports
  • export course content
  • migrate reports
  • have a new user account created for themselves
  • have created or enrolled in new student groups

Most users do not want to receive these notifications.  The instructions below allow for users to disable these notifications and others.


Step 1

Go to MyUWF and click the Canvas app.

Canvas app

Step 2

Click Account >> Notifications.

notifications option

Step 3

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the X for Administrative Notifications.

You can also use this page to adjust the settings for other Canvas notifications you may receive.

Administrative Notifications setting


There is currently no way for users to receive some Canvas administrative notifications, but not all.

Alternatively, users could create filters in their Gmail accounts.  These filters could automatically delete certain Canvas emails.  These filters could also also automatically label these emails.  For further instructions, please visit Gmail's Create rules to filter your emails webpage for additional details.